[Video] What is Avid Everywhere? An Interview With Frank Capria

    We recently interviewed Avid's Director of Product Management – Digital Asset Management, Frank Capria. He is the lead project manager of Avid Interplay, as it relates to the Avid Everywhere vision. Frank broke down the basics of each suite, how it relates to post production & broadcast, and demystified myths in the community. Here's the interview (text-version):

    What is Avid Everywhere?

    Capria: Avid Everywhere is quite simple; it is the ability to access the media asset, everywhere you might be. The ability for others to access that same content, modify it, turn it into a story. When that story is complete, distribute everywhere it needs to go. That is all there is to Avid Everywhere.

    How do I edit remotely with Avid Everywhere?

    Capria: In the Avid Everywhere environment, remote craft collaborative editorial is handled in Media Composer | Cloud. Media Composer | Cloud is a full version of media composer, it has the full tool set. The main difference, instead of connecting to your media assets on a hard drive, it is editing off of a stream served up by Avid Media | Central.

    What are some misconceptions about Avid Everywhere?

    Capria: One of the most common misconceptions about Avid Everywhere is that it's editor-centric. Sure, Avid has made its name as an editors tools company, but Avid Everywhere is for EVERY team member to take advantage of [in a production].

    Another misconception, is the segment markets that Avid Everywhere is meant to address. Perhaps it's the name, "Avid Everywhere" makes it sounds like it's for broadcasting. It's also understandable, since Avid Interplay Production has been so successful in the broadcast space.

    The fact of the matter, Avid Everywhere is designed for all segments: post production, broadcast, and new media.

    How does Avid Everywhere benefit post production?

    Capria: Avid Everywhere, for post production, allows customers to do [projects] in parallel, that used to be serial processes.

    For example, logging can begin immediately, upon a piece of media [arriving on nearline storage], in any formatting. Even before transcoding starts, logging & editing can begin in an Everywhere environment.

    It also automates almost every non-creative aspect of the post production processes. Whether it's transcoding, copying/moving, back up/archive, Avid Everywhere can create rules that eliminate human error and labor time.

    How does Avid Everywhere benefit Broadcast?

    Capria: Avid Everywhere for broadcast enables our customers to set up a bureau, anywhere they can get a TCP/IP connection. [Avid Everywhere] includes all aspects of content creation, story creation; from ingest, editorial, to distribution.

    What is Avid Media | Central?

    Capria: Avid Media | Central is the platform in which we built all of our solutions. It allows us to author & create services once, and then all of our applications can use it.

    For example, our streaming playback service. The same streaming playback service that Media Central | UX uses, to expose Interplay Production assets, is exactly the same streaming service that is used in Media Composer | Cloud.

    By leveraging a platform to build the tools, it allows us to create API interfaces for third parties to connect to as well. Third party manufacturers can then connect, join the Avid ecosystem, using the same services and performance of Avid products.

    What are the various suites inside Avid Media | Central?"

    Capria: The artist, media, and storage suites have always been part of the Avid product line, we've just branded them that way recently., To make it clear to the customer what they do.

    The artist suites, is our content creative tools ie. Media Composer, Pro Tools.

    The media suite, is our asset management tools ie. Interplay Production, Interplay MAM, Media Director, Media Distribute, and Media Index.

    The storage suite, is anything that stores a piece of media. Ie. Avid ISIS, Airplay Playout & Ingest servers.

    What components make up Avid Interplay Production?

    Capria: Interplay production is three things:

    • Interplay Engine:
      • A powerful database, that allows to do incredible defined searches.
    • Media Services:
      • Transcode, Copy, Move, and Delivering
    • Media Central | UX:
      • The web-based view onto all of your assets, that every member in production uses to reach in work with assets

    What's the top benefit of using Media Composer with Interplay Production?

    Capria: Media Composer & Interplay Production work really well together, in Avid Everywhere. They were designed to work together.

    In a Interplay production environment, the process of conform no longer exists. If you want to go to a high-res master, you simply "click" and switch resolutions. You tell Interplay, 'give me the highest resolution version of this media,' and it will re-conform automatically in the background.

    What is the Return on Investment model for Avid Everywhere?

    Capria: Avid Everywhere #1 contribution to ROI, is it shortens the timeline for production. Story creation can begin at the moment of acquisition. Loggers can access content. Editors can access content. In fact, reviewers, producers, directors, executives, and legal can begin the process of getting the story out immediately. Processes that used to be serial, are now parallel. It's a system that built for every member of a production, not just editors.

    Learn more about Avid Everywhere

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    Key Code Media Strengthens Staff, After Rapid Growth Supporting Enterprise Production Technology In 2014

    Key Code Media strengthens its technical & sales staff, in their Burbank, California corporate office with the addition of several key team members. Additions include Matt Flaum as Senior Solution Architect, and Candace Fagan as the San Fernando Valley Account Manager. In addition, Erika Fredrick, formally Solution Sales Manager for Key Code Media, has been promoted to Vice President of Western Regional Sales.

    'Last year, Key Code Media exponentially increased our position as a production system integrator & VAR [Value Added Reseller], by expanding into the Central region. With this expansion, we discussed as a team, 'What could we do to make our customers experience even better?' said Mike Cavanagh, President Key Code Media. "Ultimately, we chose to focus on strengthening our staff on both the sales, and technician solutions level. I am confident these additions to the team will bolster our knowledge and speed for the increasing needs of our clients. Ultimately, leaving our customers with the best video system integration services experience possible. "

    Erika Frederick promoted to Vice President of Sales, Western Division:erika frederick

    After working for only one-year driving storage and archiving business, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Erika Frederick to Vice President of Western Regional Sales effective July 7, 2014. During her time here, she has been awarded the VIP Women of the Year for Outstanding Excellence and Dedication to her profession in the Achievement of Women by The National Association of Professional Women.

    Erika's exceptional quality of dedication and customer satisfaction is vital for the company's long-term success. She brings a wealth of experience to this position. In her new role she will be managing the sales team for the western region. Along with her high standards, Erika takes her responsibilities with serious attention and utmost priority.

    Please join us in congratulating her and wishing her continued success at our company.

    Matt Flaum re-joins Key Code Media as Sr. Solution Architect:matt flaum

    Working alongside Mike Cavanagh for over 13 years, Matt Flaum is no stranger to Key Code Media. With his new role, Senior Solution Architect, Matt will assist sales with video, storage, networking, and encoding/transcoding workflow demonstrations. Matt will also be using his vast engineering knowledge of postproduction workflows and infrastructures to design and facilitate ongoing large scale enterprise integration projects.

    Matt is delighted to rejoin the team, after seeing Key Code Media's ability to deploy large integration solutions. "It's fun to see Key Code Media evolve from being mainly a post production house integrator, to now supporting all areas of broadcast, corporate video, digital signage, and production. I'm looking forward to rejoining such a smart group of people" said Matt Flaum.

    Introducing Candace Fagan, Account Manager – So Cal:candace fagan

    Our Sales team is expanding our sales team to provide increased coverage and service to the Los Angeles region.

    Candace Fagan bringing  15+ years sales experience with technical solutions. Her past experience includes being Account Manager at Visual Numerics, a company that creates custom problem solving software for industry, government, engineering and education. In her free time, she is also an accomplished author, working on publishing her second novel soon.


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    Light Iron Bolsters 4K Post Production Capabilities with Facilis TerraBlock


    Since launching in Los Angeles five years ago, Light Iron has emerged as a post production leader and technical innovator, lending its expertise to high-profile projects like "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and "The Amazing Spiderman." Whether producing digital cinema, episodic television or commercial content, the company embraces a progressive approach to DI, on-set dailies and finishing to deliver unparalleled service to its clients. In 2013, Light Iron expanded into New York, opening a new local post production facility in which it recently installed a Facilis TerraBlock shared storage system with assistance from Key Code Media. The addition of TerraBlock to its workflow came as part of a larger effort to future proof the studio for the advent of 4K editorial.

    "We've definitely seen a spike in 4K content over the last year and have already done several 4K finishes at Light Iron in Los Angeles. It's really just a matter of time before we start seeing more 4K editorial requests, which is part of the reason we opted for TerraBlock," said Light Iron CTO Chris Peariso. "TerraBlock's bandwidth, along with the flexibility it gives us to have multiple connections – Fibre Channel and Ethernet, will allow us to better handle post on any 4K project that comes through our doors."

    Light Iron's fully populated TerraBlock 24D is situated in the center of its New York facility, where it is connected via 16Gb Fibre Channel to eight 4K-capable offline editorial rooms and seven pieces of ingest and output equipment located in Light Iron's machine room. Each edit suite runs a combination of Avid® Media Composer® 6.5, Adobe® Creative Cloud™ and Apple® Final Cut Pro® X editing software.

    Key Code Media & Facilis will be hosting a 4K performance storage demo day, featuring Facilis Terrablock. Come out and see how you can increase your 4K storage performance with Terrablock.

    Learn More Here


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    Fully Automate Visual Radio With Vidigo

    VidiGo Visual Radio can turn your radio show into an entertaining visual show. VidiGo Visual Radio is a fully automated software solution that automatically switches cameras and plays graphics by analyzing audio signals and XML data (including live social media feeds) from the radio station's automation system. This way it is able to mimic a real director, leaving the radio presenters to do what they are good at, making radio. - See more at: http://www.vidigo.tv/solutions/visualradio/

    Contact Us for More Information

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    Behinds The Scenes: Live Streaming Technology At E3 Expo 2014 By Key Code Media

    E3ExpoBanner KeyCodeMedia

    Last week, Key Code Media had the pleasure of exhibiting live streaming technology at E3 Expo 2014! Key Code Media showcased a full range of production tools that could help make a video competition look more like a television sports broadcast.

    The question for your company: Are you looking to make a eGaming live stream look more like a professional television broadcast?

    Background on Key Code Media & Live Streaming:

    First off, Key Code Media is NOT in the video game business; we are in the Live Production business. Our company creates custom mobile production carts, which can take any amateur production to new professional levels. Providing everything from cameras to video switchers, we have tight partnerships with major broadcast technology providers, including: NewTek (#1 TriCaster Reseller In The World), AvidAdobeSony, Panasonic and many more. Key Code integrates advanced production technology, meeting expected budgets & deadlines. We are your 1 source to quickly start a professional live production!

    With eSports viewership skyrocketing in the last few years, it is hard to deny broadcasting professional video gaming will be around for sometime. Even YouTube is looking to jump into video game live broadcasting, by acquiring Twitch.tv, a successful live streaming video game platform. 2014 is clearly the year to start a professional live streaming production of video game content!

    There is simply no better source for product sales & integration for any live streaming production. Contact Key Code Media at any of our US locations for more information.

    Technology Showcased at the Key Code Media Booth:


    The most versatile and extensive of mobile-scale multi-camera video solutions, TriCaster 460’s any-format, any-resolution, any frame-rate I/O and amped-up production capabilities let you connect any camera, access any available video source, and go live from locations you've only imagined. And, with 3D and holographic “ESPN like” sets, you can go live from virtually any world.

    3Play425-environment 1

     The entry-level 3Play 425 eliminates that barrier by making professional instant replay and slow motion available to everyone who previously thought it simply out of reach.


    Panasonic AW-HE120W HD PTZ Camera (White) is a high definition, remotely controllable PTZ camera.  The quick and accurate pan/tilt range offers a wide variety of camera placement settings and supports wireless IP control or the wired RS-422 protocol. 20x zoom allows you to hone in on precise locations while the HD lens with a maximum f/1.6 aperture and minimum 32.5mm (35mm equivalent) focal length provides room for wide views and low lighting conditions. 


    TVUPack offers a family of portable, lightweight video capture and transmission solutions that enables broadcasters to deliver professional broadcast-quality video of live news and events to audiences. Rather than relying on traditional satellite and microwave remote broadcast products, TVUPack broadcasts live video in HD or SD using multiple 3G/4G/LTE/WiFi/WiMax/BGAN connections.


    Go Mobile! The Big Foot “Classic” series mobile car is know for Quick Set-up and Tear- downs, fitting any Compact Multi-user Workstation, or Combination Presentation and Recording Systems. A mobile cart, providing a Safe Transport and Lock down of expensive electronics and computer systems.


    For Editorial & Game Development

    HP Z Workstations deliver the 64-bit architectures, CPU and GPU options, and a wide range of 3D graphics cards to help you develop games more effectively. Better still, HP offers certification from independent software vendors, 27-inch (diagonal) monitors that help you see your work in vivid detail, Thunderbolt for M&E device connectivity, HP Z Turbo Drive to handle large files blazingly fast and tool-less chassis designs that make it easy to add cards and upgrade your system.

    Streaming services were provided by the FullView Media, a webcasting company in the San Francisco, Bay Area. 

    Next Steps:

    Contact Key Code Media! Set up a a webex or meeting to discuss production needs, budget, and timeline. The easiest way to contact us is by phone or email, located on our website.

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    Extending the TriCaster™ Workflow with Shared Storage by ProMAX Systems

    ProMAX Systems recently did a webinar on TriCaster workflows with shared storage. Learn how an integrated shared storage system can greatly enhance your TriCaster™ and 3Play™ productions by enabling more efficient, connected workflows. 

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    Important Information Regarding 2014 Changes To Avid Media Composer & Support Plans



    Avid Technologies recently announced major changes to how customers can purchase & support future versions of Media Composer®.  Previously, a new copy of Media Composer® could be purchased for $999, while customers that had previous versions would be able to upgrade at a discount rate.  Customers can now purchase Media Composer® in 4 ways, including monthly/yearly subscriptions, perpetual license or floating license pack.  Regardless of purchase method, clients can either continue making monthly/yearly payments, or with perpetual licenses, pay for support (after the first year), in order to receive future versions. This new flexible method aims to simplify future MC upgrades, but also makes it imperative to renew yearly Avid support.


    There are Four Options available beginning May 14th, 2014:

    • monthly subscription to Media Composer® at monthly rate of $74.99 offered through the Avid webstore.
    • An annual subscription to Media Composer®, available from Key Code Media for $599.
    • A Media Composer® perpetual license (customers purchase and own the software; the license does not expire), available for purchase from Key Code Media at $1,299 and includes one year of support.
    • Media Composer® floating license packs, available for purchase through Key Code Media in packs of 20 or 50 for $1,799 per seat, also includes one year of support.

    Lets break it down:

    1) Yearly or Monthly Subscribe to Media Composer®

    Customers can subscribe to Avid Media Composer® at a monthly subscription rate of $74.99 (Avid Webstore Only) or annual subscription for $599 a year. There is a huge incentive to purchase an annual subscription, saving you $300 /year from monthly cost and is $700 cheaper than a perpetual license.

    The catch- if a customer decides to stop paying the annual subscription, the software will no longer work. This is the biggest difference between the subscription & perpetual license model. 

    An advantage to monthly subscription is that you can cancel at anytime. With yearly subscription, there is no reimbursement method for early cancellation. Customers with either subscription models will automatically receive the ability to upgrade to newer versions at zero cost.

    For subscription, the following is included in your yearly $599 payment:

    • Media Composer | Software
    • Media Composer | Symphony® Option
    • NewBlue Titler Pro v2
    • Sorenson Squeeze Lite
    • Boris Continuum Complete Lite
    • iZotope Insight (30-day trial)
    • Standard Avid Support (including all software updates/upgrades)

    2) Buy Media Composer® (perpetual license)

    Perpetual license is much like the old traditional way of purchasing Media Composer®. The software can be purchased at a flat rate of $1,299 or $1,799 including USB dongle . This includes one year of software updates & support. After the first year, perpetual support will be $299 per year. 

    It’s also worth noting that perpetual license does not include Sorenson Squeeze Lite, Symphony® Option or Boris Continuum Complete Lite and NewBlue Titler Pro is V1.  The big difference is with Symphony, since the Boris Lite is five effects and most clients use a transcoder off their SAN. Although, some 3rd party options can be purchased seperetly in the Media Composer Production Pack for $599 and now Symphony option can be purchased for $795.

    A huge advantage to perpetual licenses, is that you will be able to roll-back Media Composer to earlier version of the software. Currently, roll-back support is only for Media Composer versions 8.0, 7.0.4, and 6.5.4. 

    There clearly is a price, features & convenience incentive for people to consider the subscription method.

    3) Purchase Floating License packs

    Floating licenses is primarily targeted for large Avid Rental companies, post facilities and education institutions. Packages currently come in 20 or 50 license packs, were facilities can assign or reassign any individual license to any given staff member. This gives flexibility for facilities that are constantly bringing on different editors, pending on a specific project.

    It will cost $499, per license, to convert existing facilities licenses, or $1,799 for net new floating licenses. An additional $299 support is required to keep licenses current and not expire, similar to yearly/monthly subscription.  

    Media Composer® floating license pack purchases come with easy-to-use Avid Floating License Server software, which enables customers to distribute licenses quickly and easily across their facility—on demand—from a single, centralized server. The license server is on a Windows-based computer (see the minimum system requirements below)—they simply enter their licensing server address into Media Composer during installation and the rest of the process is automatic.

    Once installed, your customers can access the floating license server from any Windows- or Mac-based client system, making administration and management easy—and convenient when they’re physically not in the facility. And when using a disk image to install multiple Media Composer seats across a facility, simply entering the server address once in the image means the licensing process is completely transparent to end users.

     What Is Included In New Avid Media Composer® Support?

    A standard 1-year Avid Support plan is now included with all Media Composer® subscriptions and purchases. If a customer’s support needs are more demanding, he or she can upgrade to Elite support for an additional cost, either as part of a monthly/annual subscription plan or a perpetual license. (Expert and ExpertPlus support are being discontinued.)

    A huge new benefit is Key Code Media is your front line call.  We have immediate access to Avid support & can log your call, as well engage in solving the issues with your Media Composer.

    Below are the services provided in standard support* 

    Media Composer Offerings

    Included Support

    Response Time

    Standard Avid Support*

    Monthly/annual subscription 
    Standard support included either month-to-month or annually

    Media Composer perpetual license
    Standard support included the first year; plan may be renewed for $299/year thereafter

    Billing and admin cases

    Within 24 hours

    Software updates and upgrades

    Available upon release

    Troubleshooting—web/email support
    Unlimited incidents

    Within 24 hours

    One phone call per month

    Within 4 hours

    Self-help access

    • Video library
    • Knowledge Base
    • Avid Forums and other community pages


    Add Options to Standard Support


    Hardware coverage
    + $200/year (may be added to annual subscription or perpetual license purchases)

    Two-business-day ship

    Avid Support Code (ASC)
    + $40/case (provides additional per-incident phone support for one troubleshooting case)

    Within 4 hours

    Upgrade to Elite Support*

    Monthly subscription
    + $30/month

    Media Composer perpetual license
    + $400/year

    Get everything in standard support, plus…


    • Unlimited phone and web/email incidents
    • Priority phone support
    • Code Blue escalation support

    Within 1 hour

    Hardware coverage

    Next-day ship

    Additional Support Options (no Avid Support plan required)


    Avid Support Code (ASC)
    $40/case (provides per-incident phone support for one troubleshooting case)

    Within 4 hours

    Extended hardware coverage
    $499/year (includes advance replacement for failed hardware at no additional cost)

    Next-business-day ship

    For any additional questions about Avid new purchasing & support plans, do not hestiate to contact us.


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    NAB 2014: Exclusive Booth Interviews With Avid, AJA, Adobe, NewTek & More!

    Why Go To NAB, When It's Coming To You!

    Key Code Media invites you to join us at the 3rd Annual Post-NAB Roadshow where our partners will be showcasing new products released at NAB for editorial, post production and live production workflows. We will be visiting Los Angeles, Mountain View, Seattle, & Chicago! There will also be Guest Speakers at each location, discussing the future of the industry. Cocktails & Appetizers will be provided. This event is FREE to attend as long as you register!

    The Entire Tour Can Be Seen Here


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    NAB 2014: Avid Connecting Everywhere


    Avid Technologies has plenty of big announcements today, at the first ever Avid Connect. Just a day before the 2014 NAB Show kicks off, Avid announces a new Avid Everywhere content sharing and distribution platform that brings together cloud services with Flexible Software Licensing plans. They also launched an Avid Everywhere Micro-Site, which outlines updates for Media Composer, Pro Tools, and the entire Avid product line.

    Here's a quick breakdown of the new products announced today at Avid Connect:

    1) Artist Suites:

    Video NLE:


    Avid Media Composer® | Software is receiving a complete re-branding, removing the old numbered licensing & simplifying the product line. Media Composer version 8 will just be called "Media Composer." Interplay® Shere, will now be Media Composer® | Cloud. All version of Media Composer will be Interplay ready. Symphony and Newscutter are becoming more like plug-ins than stand-alone versions of Media Composer. Branded as Media Composer® | Symphony® Option and Media Composer® | Newscutter® Option.  

     Click Here For More Avid Video NLE Information Announcements

    Audio NLE: 


     Similar to Media Composer, Avid's latest release of Pro Tools is branded Pro Tools® |Software. Some of the biggest enhancement added to Pro Tools are securely share and archive work locally or in the cloud, monetize content through an online marketplace, and manage content using a new metadata schema.

    Click Here For More Avid Video NLE Information & Announcements

    Notation & Scoring, Pro Mixing, and Live Sound: 


    Not a huge amount of changes here. Although, it's worth mentioning the S6 continues to impress the professional audio industry. 

    Click Here For More Avid Notation & Scoring Information & Announcements

    Click Here For More Avid Pro Mixing Information & Announcements

    Click Here For More Avid Live Sound Information & Announcements

    2) Media Suites:


    "The Avid Media Suite is a new grouping of products comprised of the company's industry-leading media management, news production, distribution, and monetization solutions. The suite includes tools for file-based ingest, asset search and management, and multiplatform distribution. Over time, the Media Suite will expand to include metadata tagging, protection and encryption, and analytics." Two new products get added, Media | Director and Media | Index. Both, drastically accelerate file-based processes for ingest, search, and asset management. 

    Click Here For More Avid Media Suite Information & Announcements

    3) Storage:


    The ISIS® 2000 gets a big update! The new ISIS® | 2500, as well as the entire ISIS® family promises to be the cornerstone of 4k production. The size & price make it a viable option for any small-medium range production.

     Click Here For More Avid Storage Information & Announcements

    The backbone of Avid Everywhere is MediaCentral:


     Avid MediaCentral Platform, formally Central, acts as the collaboration glue, streamlining the production process. Expect to see features which will help find files faster, more flexibility of 3rd party manufacturers, and increasing simplicity of Avid workflows.

     Click Here For More Avid MediaCentral Information & Announcements

    See Avid Products At The Upcoming Post-NAB Expo Roadshow

    Free to attend! Key Code Media invites you to join us in our Burbank location where our partners will be showcasing new products released at NAB for editorial, post production and live production workflows. Here's your chance to test drive new products, have your workflow questions answered by manufacture technology experts as well as mix and mingle with your fellow industry peers.

    Click Here For More Information On Post-NAb Expo Roadshow


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    [Now Hiring] Account Manager, Key Code Media Chicago

    KCM logo fullcolor taglineIf you are a top sales representative who loves to sell complex solutions for the media industry, this job is for you. The individual we seek thrives on engaging organizations to improve their ability to leverage technology and video. This position is great for a professional who is open to professional development and skills improvement, but does not need the oversight of daily micromanagement.

    Job Description: Account Manager

    As part of our Central sales team, the Account Manager will be responsible for identifying and closing business opportunities for assigned territory, and fully executing against revenue targets. Our most successful sales people are able to be customer centric and provide good, better, and best scenarios for our clients. In addition to quickly establishing strong customer relationships and understanding our customer's businesses, we expect the Account Manager will also build effective relationships internally with engineering, service, marketing, operations, etc. so our customer's expectations are routinely exceeded.

    • Maintain and build current account install base
    • Actively pursue net-new business opportunities through prospecting
    • Achieve monthly/quarterly/annual quota
    • Meet with customers
    • Accurately forecast pipeline through SalesLogix and weekly/monthly forecast calls with management
    • Build strong relationships with our manufacturers, suppliers and vendors
    • Collaborate as appropriate with business alliance partners and other distributors to expand the reach of our products and services.
    • Utilize consultative, solution based selling techniques to identify and close opportunities


    • Chicago 


    • Some travel ~10% required to attend national trade shows and corporate annual meetings
    • 5+ years of sales experience
    • 3-5 years experience & knowledge in the media & entertainment industry
    • Bachelor's Degree in Business or other related field

    Desired Skills and Experience:

    • A desire to sell
    • An understanding of solution based selling strategies
    • Experience with economic justification models (i.e ROI models and executive summaries)
    • Strong presentation skills - experience presenting to customers and small audiences
    • Ability to manage territory business via a CRM
    • Create and implement a territory business plan
    • Strong communication and time management skills
    • Ability to work independently and in teams
    • Must be able to prioritize and multi-task
    • Individual must exhibit a positive, 'can-do' attitude
    • Strong problem solving abilities
    • A high degree of honesty, integrity and sound judgment
    • Experience with professional video/audio technologies.
      ie. Avid, NewTek, AJA, Black Magic Design, Quantum, Telestream, etc.

    Apply Now:

    Email Cover Letter & Resume To This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    About Key Code Media:

    A 12 year old consulting, design, sales, service and integration provider for the digital media market. This includes production and post production technologies for content creation, as well as complete broadcast and distribution facilities. Digital Video and Media is transforming how organizations communicate. We assist our clients by successfully implementing live production, collaborative editorial, asset & automation, storage & archive, and media distribution solutions. Our business is growing and we just recently moved into a 6,000 sq/ft showcase facility in Schaumburg, IL.

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