KONA Overview

    KONA Connects!

    KONA capture, display and mastering solutions for SD, HD, 3G, Dual Link HD and 2K on a Mac or PC lie at the heart of your post-production process.

    The working professional—whether non-linear editor, compositor, motion graphics or 3D artist—needs to connect their software with a range of hardware.

    KONA cards installed in your Mac or PC bring the world to you and your creativity to the world.

    Ingest from Analog or Digital sources, such as Decks and Cameras.
    Display your work in action on Broadcast Monitors, Plasmas and Projectors.
    Monitor your multi-track audio through your Mixers and Speakers.
    Master your project to HD and SD simultaneously on Digital or Analog tapes or disks.

    It's in the hardware. Master all formats with KONA.

    In a world of myriad HD standards, SD needs, 2K beauty, and growing 3D stereoscopic workflows, KONA cards offer maximum connectivity like 3G/HD/SD SDI, Component, and HDMI, along with the flexibility of superior conversion capability, allowing you to place the needs of your project first.

    Unburden your CPU. Within supported applications, KONA's Hardware Scalar Acceleration takes a portion of the codec processing load off the CPU, allowing your computer to concentrate on what you care about, more RealTime effects.

    No more rendering for raster resizing. KONA's superior "always-on" 10-bit hardware-based Up/Cross/Down conversion offers you the ability to ingest to the standard of your project while displaying and mastering live simultaneously to HD and SD as your needs require.

    Cross Platform Power

    When looking for a cross-platform hardware solution, KONA is an excellent fit. KONA can be used interchangeably in either Mac OSX or Windows. Use it in an Apple Mac Pro running Boot Camp and you've got the best of both worlds: compressed and uncompressed files captured on one OS, that can be moved and used on the other. KONA allows users the freedom to use applications on different platforms, or collaborate with users on opposite platforms and pass assets between each other without having to render each time. KONA supports QuickTime ingest and playback on both OSX and Windows, allowing seamless and elegant file interchange between operating systems.

    KONA On The Mac

    AJA KONA for Mac drivers are optimized for use on OSX, with applications and advanced AJA hardware capabilities controlled easily at-a-glance in the application you're using. KONA for Mac software integrates within the native environment where used—whether Apple Final Cut Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Smoke for Mac, or a wide array of other Mac applications.

    KONA On The PC

    KONA for PC software allows Windows to access the hardware power of your KONA within major editing and graphics applications. Other software vendors have also provided integrated support for KONA in their own PC applications through direct collaboration with AJA.

    Choose the right KONA card to playback HD/SD or SD-only video and audio data from disk—even 2K—in any format you choose, including DPX, Cineon, TGA, TIFF, BMP, AVI and QuickTime. You can playback and master material, at a variety of frame rates, on a high-resolution wide-screen monitor or digital projector. Custom AJA software allows full control over your playback parameters are clearly laid out, including provisions for choosing a user-specified LUT.

    KONA 3G


    Power. Performance. Price. Multi-format SD/HD/Dual Link/3G/2K Video I/O.

    KONA 3G has the unparalleled features top of the line video professionals expect from AJA Desktop solutions.

    KONA 3G features 10-bit Uncompressed video I/O, the newest HDMI 1.4a support for 3D workflows, 16-channel SDI embedded audio I/O, and up to 16-channel AES digital audio I/O (8 with breakout cable or 16 with optional K3G-Box). Add to that realtime hardware-based up/down/cross conversion for efficiently working with a wide variety of SD and HD, 3G, dual-link HD, even 2K formats, a hardware downstream keyer for compositing graphics without rendering, and so much more.

    KONA LHi


    The Most Flexible Card for Analog and Digital Standard and High Definition Workflows

    The AJA KONA LHi bridges the gap between legacy analog devices and the latest 3Gb SDI and HDMI enabled products providing editing, monitoring and mastering of professional quality video in an affordable, powerful, easy to use product.

    If your post-production facility works with a wide variety of formats, frame rates and audio/video sources, the AJA KONA LHi provides the connectivity you need.

    KONA LSe


    Analog and Digital capture card for standard definition workflows

    The affordably priced KONA LSe is the perfect video capture and playback card for a standard definition editing system on Mac or PC. KONA LSe offers full featured SD connectivity and integration with Apple Final Cut Pro on a Mac, support for software applications like Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion - and can work with a wide range of popular file formats (QuickTime, TGA, TIFF, BMP, AVI, YUV)

    KONA LSe can capture to QuickTime™ at uncompressed 10 bit 4:2:2 or 8 bit 4:2:2 and allows ingest from—and mastering to— BetacamSP, Digital Betacam, DVCPro50 as well as other standard definition VTRs. KONA LSe also supports capture and playback from compressed SD formats like DV and DVCPro50, to provide the most flexibility for your SD workflows. 

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