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    2013 mac pro 1The New Mac Pro

    Engineered around workstation graphics with dual GPU's, PCI-Express-based flash storage, high-performance Thunderbolt 2, new-generation Xeon processors, ultrafast memory, and support for 4K video, the new Mac Pro delivers state-of-the-art performance across the board.


    The new Mac Pro is muscle through and through, starting with the next-generation Intel Xeon E5 chipset. With configurations offering up to 12 cores of processing power, up to 40 GB/s of PCI Express gen 3 bandwidth, and 256-bit-wide floating-point instructions, you'll never be at a lose for speed.


    Every component in the new Mac Pro is optimized for performance. That includes a four-channel DDR3 memory controller running at 1886MHz. It delivers up to 60 GB/s of memory bandwidth, which means  you can fly through even the most compute-intensive tasks in no time. And since it's ECC memory, your render job, video expert, or simulation won't be stopped by transient memory errors.


    Traditionally, pro computers have relied on the CPU for their computing power. But as GPU performance has dramatically increased, software developers have began to leverage that power in their apps. With the new Mac Pro, Apple looked ahead and engineered  an even more powerful GPU architecture. Not only does it feature a state-of-the-art AMD FirePro workstation-class GPU with up to 6GB of dedicated VRAM — it features two of them. With all that power, you'll be able to do things like seamlessly edit full-resolution 4K video while simultaneously rendering effects in the background — and still have enough power to connect up to three high-resolution 4K displays.


    There's flash storage, and then there's next-generation PCI Express flash storage. We're talking storage that's up to 2.5 times faster than the fastest SATA-based solid-state drive and up to 10 times faster than a 7200-rpm SATA hard drive. Most flash storage systems connect via SATA buses designed for slower spinning hard drives. But we designed the new Mac Pro around new PCI Express-based flash controller technology to deliver the fastest solid-state drives available standard in a desktop computer. So booting up, launching apps, even opening massive files happens in, well, a flash.

    Thunderbolt 2.0thunderbolt-cable

    Thunderbolt is the fastest, most versatile I/O technology there is. And with Mac Pro, we're jumping even further ahead. Thunderbolt 2 delivers twice the throughput, providing up to 20Gb/s of bandwidth to each external device. So you're more than ready for the next generation of high-performance peripherals. You can connect massive amounts of storage, add a PCI expansion chassis, and work with the latest external displays — including 4K desktop displays and peripheral devices capable of broadcast monitoring in 4K. And since each Thunderbolt 2 port allows you to daisy-chain up to six peripherals, you can go all out by plugging in up to 36 external devices via Thunderbolt alone.


    Technical Specs

    Technical Specs


    Mac Pro

    Mac Pro

    Price $2,999 $3,999



    Intel Xeon E5 with 10MB L3 cache and Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz. Configurable to 3.5GHz 6-core processor with 12MB L3 cache, 3.0GHz 8-core processor with 25MB L3 cache, or 2.7GHz 12-core processor with 30MB L3 cache



    Intel Xeon E5 with 12MB L3 cache and Turbo Boost up to 3.9GHz. Configurable to 3.0GHz 8-core processor with 25MB L3 cache or 2.7GHz 12-core processor with 30MB L3 cache



    DDR3 ECC memory

    12GB (three 4GB) of 1866MHz DDR3 ECC memory. Configurable to 16GB (four 4GB), 32GB (four 8GB) or 64GB (four 16GB)


    DDR3 ECC memory

    16GB (four 4GB) of 1866MHz DDR3 ECC memory. Configurable to 32GB (four 8GB) or 64GB (four 16GB)


    Dual AMD FirePro

    D300 Graphics Processors

    Dual AMD FirePro D300 graphics processors with 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM each

    • 1280 stream processors
    • 256-bit-wide memory bus
    • 160GB/s memory bandwidth
    • 2 teraflops performance

    Configurable to dual AMD FirePro D500, each with 3GB GDDR5 VRAM, 1526 stream processors, 384-bit-wide memory bus, 240GB/s memory bandwidth, and 2.2 teraflops performance; or dual AMD FirePro D700, each with 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM, 2048 stream processors, 384-bit-wide memory bus, 264GB/s memory bandwidth, and 3.5 teraflops performance

    Dual AMD FirePro

    D500 Graphics Processors

    Dual AMD FirePro D500 graphics processors with 3GB of GDDR5 VRAM each

    • 1526 stream processors
    • 384-bit-wide memory bus
    • 240GB/s memory bandwidth
    • 2.2 teraflops performance

    Configurable to dual AMD FirePro D700, each with 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM, 2048 stream processors, 384-bit-wide memory bus, 264GB/s memory bandwidth, and 3.5 teraflops performance

    Display Port

    Connect up to:

    Three 4K Displays


    Six Thunderbolt Displays

    Storage user accessible


    PCIe-based flash storage

    Configurable to 512GB or 1TB

    • Combined optical/digital audio output/analog line out minijack
    • Headphone minijack with headset support
    • HDMI port supports multichannel audio output
    • Built-in speaker
    Connections /Expansion
    • 4x USB 3.0
    • 6x Thunderbolt 2
    • Dual Gigabit Ethernet
    • HDMI 1.4 UltraHD
    • 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking3; IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n compatible
    • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology
    Electrical and Operating Requirements
    • Line voltage: 100-240V AC
    • Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz, single phase
    • Maximum continuous power: 450WOperating temperature: 50° to 95° F (10° to 35° C)
    • Relative humidity: 5% to 95% noncondensing
    • Maximum altitude: 16,400 feet (5000 meters)
    • Typical acoustical performance, sound pressure level (operator position): 12 dBA at idle
    Limited Warranty and Service

    Your Mac Pro comes with 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support and a one-year limited warranty. Purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan to extend your service and support to three years from your computer’s purchase date. Only the AppleCare Protection Plan provides you with direct telephone technical support from Apple experts and the assurance that repairs will be handled by Apple-authorized technicians using genuine Apple parts. For more information, visit Apple Support or call 800-823-2775.

    In The Box

    Mac Pro, Power Cord

    Included Software

    OS X Mavericks version 10.9

    Includes iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, iBooks, Safari, Mail, FaceTime, Messages, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders, Time Machine, Photo Booth, iTunes, Game Center, Preview, Notes, the Mac App Store, Notification Center, Dictation, iCloud, Gatekeeper, Twitter and Facebook integration, and more4.

    Learn more about OS X Mavericks

    Mac Pro and the Environment

    Apple takes a complete product life cycle approach to determining our environmental impact.

    • EPEAT Gold5
    • BFR-free
    • PVC-free6
    • Highly recyclable

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