Defining and executing a cohesive strategy for retention of all of your assets is of paramount importance. How much storage do I need for my unique production? How fast should it be? How can my creatives use it collaboratively? Where do I put content that is dated, but I may need in the future? These basic questions have multiple solutions. We can help guide you to the most efficient and scalable solution for all of your assets, including high throughput spinning disk, Tier II, and LTO tape libraries and deep archive.

Every production has its own unique workflow. With that comes the need for better organization of assets, employee productivity, and automation of time-consuming processes. Key Code Media is focused on Asset Management software & hardware solutions that address each companies unique pain-points, looking to find ways of easing process, so that production can focus more on the creative.

Solutions include:

  • Intuitive Interface For Media Management
  • Easily Find & Repurpose Footage
  • Advanced file delivery workflows
  • Custom branded private web platforms
  • Discover Media Quickly Using Search
  • Phonetic search for media assets
  • Avid Asset Management Workflow
  • Adobe Asset Management Workflow

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