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Key Code Media & NewTek will be hosting Why Should I Upgrade My TriCaster Demo Day demo day, featuring NewTek TriCaster version 2.0 . Come out and see how TriCaster has made changes to make your production easier & better.

The innovations in the newest TriCaster release now bring high-powered visuals, faster workflows, and more control for television stations and studios, trucks and facilities, video pros and Internet TV producers to execute shows that are bigger and bolder than ever before. Now that you can save up to 40% on upgrading TriCaster, it's become urgent to learn the latest features of TriCaster and how it can benefit your live streaming / webcast production!

New To NewTek TriCaster? Don't worry! With these small demo sessions, you'll be able to learn even the most basic features of NewTek TriCaster. Plus, discuss with TriCaster veterans, how you can apply their technology into a production.


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