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[RECAP] 4K Workflow: See What's New

4k Production Workflow Video

AJA Systems, Quantum, and Elemental Technologies joined Key Code Media to discuss challenges of 4K for production facilities. The focus on the webcast was ingest, bandwidth, and delivery 4k technology. We brought on three product experts to discuss how their solutions are solving these challenges.

Watch The Presentation:

Are you looking for more information about technology for 4k broadcast and post production? Contact Us

Adobe Premiere Pro Shared Storage

Are you looking for 4K-Ready shared storage server that gives your team total flexibility, with built-in NAS and SAN, up to 480TB storage per node, multiple direct-connect GbE and 10GbE ports, enhanced asset tagging, cloud integration with Dropbox and Adobe CC, RAID 5/6, and LDAP/AD — all in one box? With project locking for Premiere Pro, After Effects, SpeedGrade, and more – Media professionals can be more collaborative without worrying about the security of their project files. With our added support for XML and a Cloud storage workspace, SNS improves the collaborative creativity that EVO with ShareBrowser and Adobe Creative Cloud provide.

Learn About Studio Network Solutions Adobe Creative Cloud Shared Storage Solution:

Watch This Video:

Contact Key Code Media to learn more about shared storage solutions. We sell, and support digital media production technology. The difference comes with our 24x7 support, and flexible financial offerings that make it easier for you to make the best decision.

How To Live Stream A Multi-Cam Production

On October 16th, Key Code Media live streamed How To Live Stream A Multi-Cam Production. The webcast covered the basics tools necessary to launch a production, as well as some unique add-ons, that will different you from the competition. Here are some the video highlights:

  • Cost-effective solutions and the important basics that will get you started producing and streaming multi-camera productions.
  • How to create engaging content with custom graphics and animation.
  • How to brand your business while producing a TV-quality show.
  • How to stream live video to a worldwide audience — on any device.

Watch The Full Presentation:

Are you looking for more information about live streaming multi camera technology? Picking the right pieces for your technology workflow is an art. We make it easier. Contact Us to learn more. 

[RECAP] Reality TV Post Production 2015 - Food Truck Wars!

reality television post production workflow

On October 8th, Key Code Media showcased "Food Truck Wars - A Reality Production Workflow." During the event, a fake reality television promo was shot, edited, delivered, and archived using innovative post production technology just released, live in front of an audience. Reality Television face unique challenges from overwhelming shooting ratio of 100:1 (or more), edited in multi-cam, with a diversity of file formats/codec. Key Code Media brought together partners, Avid Technology, Blackmagic Design, Facilis Technology, storageDNA, and Telestream, to demonstrate how to address reality television post production challenges.

Watch The Full Presentation:

Are you looking for more information about reality television post production technology? Contact Us to learn more. 

Dialogue Search: Search Your MAM Assets Using Speech Recognition

Do you remember Avid PhraseFind for Media Composer? Searching for video assets using phonetic speech recognition was a fantastic feature, until it died in 2014.

Good News! Key Code found a replacement. Nexidia Dialogue Search works along side your video editorial and media management system to bring you the fastest access to your video assets. Post Production facilities using phoentic search have seen great results, and you can too. Watch the video below to learn more!

IBC 2015: Product Announcements From The Show Floor

IBC Announcements

**Updated September 14th, 2015**

From the show floor of IBC 2015, here are the top announcements from Key Code Media Partners

IBC 2015 Announcements Include:

Adobe Systems

Adobe Creative Cloud introduces expanded HDR tools (including Dolby Vision and OpenEXR), support for touch and gesture control lead enhancements across the board. Adobe Anywhere also sees a new "collaboration only" configuration, making the product more open to less enterprise ($$$) users.

Full Details: http://www.studiodaily.com/2015/09/adobe-announces-feature-slate-next-cc-2015-update/

Avid Technology

Avid introduces new Studio Suite, an entirely new set of graphics and broadcast products acquired by the Orad acquisition in April. Interplay | MAM, and Avid Storage Suite see extended openness with new support for Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro X. Lastly, both Avid | ISIS 1000 and Avid DNxIO started shipping last week.

Full Details: http://www.avid.com/US/press-room/

Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Design IBC announcements include new Teranex Mini 12G-SDI models, software upgrades to Multiviewers, DeckLink Quad 2 card - for broadcasters looking for more than 4 channels of video - and news that Da Vinci Resolve 12 is now shipping!

Full Details: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/press

CatDV Squarebox

 CatDV Advanced Panel 2.1 for Adobe Premiere Pro, introduces mixed OS/Windows environments, and full round-trip metadata. CatDV Web 2.1 includes a new intuitive design, making it easier for non-technical MAM users (producers, marketers, and executives) to access files in the system.

Full Details: http://www.squarebox.com/ibc-2015-press-release/

Facilis Technology

Facilis Technology introduces a new integration with Marquis Project Parking software. This is unique tool that lets editors work on projects offsite, then later merge revisions with your online project. Reintroducing to European markets, Facilis will also showcase new 24D/HA SSD Hybrid Array shared storage system for heavy-duty 4K Post, along with an all-new media tracking product that combines search, management and access to project assets in a simple interface. Demonstrating Terrablock v6.5, and a brand new affordable compact storage.

Full details: http://facilis.com/press-and-news/


G-Technology adds several new products to their 2k/4k video storage solution family. G|Speed Studio XL 8-bay storage includes two ev Series G-Drives, making it possible for creative professionals to pop-in/out one drive for off location shoots. The ev Series Reader RED MINI-MAG lets RED camera users transfer content from a RED MINI-MAG directly into a G-Dock eve docking station. The G-dock eve SOLO is a USB 3.0 docking solution, to help user quickly dump media into their shared work environment. 

Full details: http://www.g-technology.com/about-us#press-releases

Levels Beyond

Levels Beyond Reach Engine CRAFT now supports content collaboration directly inside Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Adobe users can now track metadata, project files, and media without leaving Premiere Pro CC. 

Full details: http://www.reachengine.com/levels-beyond-launches-reach-engine-collaborate-at-ibc2015/ 

NewTek, inc.

NewTek wants to change the way we connect cameras, introducing NDI - Open Protocol for IP production workflows. Also, NewTek TriCaster Mini family will now have 4-input SDI option, previously limited to HDMI-only. Don't forget, NewTek is offering TriCaster 8000 for the price of TriCaster 860 until September 30th, 2015

Full details: http://www.newtek.com/news-events/newsroom/press-releases/1276-newtek-presents-professional-broadcast-solutions-at-ibc-2015.html


PESA Xstream R3232 router now integrates with NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition software to offer 32 3G-SDI I/O. This will significantly expand TriCaster's access to video sources. With NewTek's native support of PESA's P1N router control protocol, you can now access multiple sources directly from the TriCaster GUI. The TriCaster SDI outputs can be connected as sources through the R3232 and routed to multiple downstream devices. 

Full details: http://www.pesa.com/pesa-spotlights-cheetah-flex-hybrid-routing-solution-newtek-integration-at-ibc2015/


 Quantum introduces their 2015 announcements to Europe, including Artico - a new intelligent archive appliance that provides the benefits of StorNext optimized tape, cloud and object storage archive to NAS based production outside of StorNext environments

Full details: http://www.stornext.com/ibc2015/

Sony Electronics

Sony introduces the new Sony PXW FS5 camera, a smaller version of the popular Sony FS7. FS5 fits nicely in the palm of your hands, with feaures including inbuilt electronic ND wheel, 240 fps, and s-log 3.


storageDNA at IBC will announces a revolutionary Smart Access archive technology with Sony's Optical Disc Archive and DNA Evolution. DNA Evolution is also receiving a major update with advanced camera archive toolset, low-res to high-res conform from LTO, and Avid/Adobe project based backup/archive.

Full details: http://www.storagedna.com/ibc2015/

Studio Network Solutions

SNS at IBC, will preview new 4k storage workflows with EVO v5.8. Studio Nework Solutions current EVO v5.7 offers increased NAS performance, 6TB disk support, NAS recycle bin, XML exports for FCP 7, FCP X and CatDV, Cloud integration for Adobe Creative Cloud, direct connection of USB drives and card readers.

Full details: http://www.studionetworksolutions.com/sns-at-ibc-amsterdam-2015/


Telestream announce new Adobe Premiere Pro CC transodes workflows with Telestream Vantage. VOD Producer DAI simplifies the creation and assembly of DAI-ready cable VOD assets, enabling revenue expansion. Also, VOD Producer DAI automates the assembly of CableLabs VOD content and provisions it for Dynamic Ad Insertion.

Full details: http://www.telestream.net/company/events/ibc/IBC-2015.htm

Please reach out to Key Code Media for any additional information about these product announcements, and how they pertain to your production, broadcast, or post production workflow! Key Code Media sells and supports live production, editorial, storage/archive, media management and automation solutions. Our promise is to provide expert consultation with the highest degree of customer support for your digital media solutions. Keeping you ahead of technology because our business is to understand yours. Our commitment is to continuously improve our capacity to deploy proven solutions that maximize our clients' success. http://www.keycodemedia.com/About-KCM/about-company

Control Your TriCaster Using iPad or Android Tablet

NewTek product expert Kane Peterson demonstrates how to set up your iPad or Android tablet for full control of your TriCaster. TouchOSC turns your tablet into a customized MIDI controller, allowing you to automate simple switcher wirelessly from a mobile device. 

TouchOSC TriCaster Set Up Video: 

If you have any additional feature or purchasing questions about TriCaster Advanced, do not hesitate to contact Key Code Media (The #1 Worldwide NewTek TriCaster Reseller). Learn more: http://www.keycodemedia.com/Products/newtek

NewTek Announces TriCaster Mini HD-4 SDI and Advanced Software Update

NewTek just announced two major product updates. Introducing, a new TriCaster Mini with SDI support, and a free update for NewTek TriCaster Advanced software owners.

TriCaster Mini HD-4 sdi

The TriCaster Mini family is growing. The TriCaster Mini HD-4 sdi shrinks SDI multi-camera production to the size of a Mini HDMI, with four-camera HD SDI I/O. You can now provide customers a choice between professional SDI production that goes anywhere, and the highly popular, ultra-portable HDMI version of TriCaster Mini. TriCaster Mini HD-4 sdi will include the same wide range of creative capabilities that come standard with TriCaster Mini, along with:

  • Plug-and-play input of up to 4 live SDI cameras
  • 2 x 750GB internal drives
  • ISO recording of up to 4 channels simultaneously
  • Storage for ~30 hours 1080i (varies by resolution and format; capacity expandable using additional supported storage)
  • Included case display 7.0 in (17.8 cm) LCD screen with configurable output (source or output only; external monitor required for user interface

Pricing and Availability

  • TriCaster Mini HD-4 sdi is available immediately for $9,995* USMSRP. It includes an integrated display screen and system storage capable of recording approximately 30 hours of 1080i footage.
  • Optional control surface is available for $2,495* USMSRP.
  • TriCaster Mini HD-4 sdi Bundle (includes control surface and travel case) is available immediately for $11,995* USMSRP
  • TriCaster Advanced Edition Update - Even More Power for 460 and 860 owners

TriCaster Advanced Edition Update is due out in September.

This is a free update to current Advanced Edition owners and builds on the 60-plus next-level capabilities introduced in the original release. Now in the updated version of Advanced Edition, TriCaster 460 and TriCaster 860 owners get capabilities that used to be exclusive to just the TriCaster 8000, including:

  • More sophisticated submixes and virtually unlimited layered effects with M/E re-entry and 4-channel mix/effects
  • More new titling and branding opportunities with 4 DSK overlays on the switcher and 4 KEY overlays on every M/E
  • Real-time motion tracking of keyed visuals
  • More live, full-motion sources with real-time animation on 10 of the 15 buffers

Pricing and Availability

  • TriCaster Advanced Edition software update will be available in September at No Additional Cost for current TCAE owners.
  • New TriCaster Advanced Edition customers can purchase the new capabilities automatically as part of the complete TCAE software package with no change in price.

If you have any additional feature or purchasing questions about TriCaster Advanced, do not hesitate to contact Key Code Media (The #1 Worldwide NewTek TriCaster Reseller). Learn more: http://www.keycodemedia.com/Products/newtek

Avid ISIS 1000: 9 Reason To Invest In Now

The ISIS | 1000 brings Proven, Reliable Collaboration, for Everyone. Shipping Now!Buy Avid ISIS 1000

  • Enable users to create compelling content on time and on budget
  • Increase in-house and Global Collaboration
  • Reduce the cost of Media Production

Get the industry-proven performance and reliability of Avid® ISIS® shared storage in a more affordable entrylevel system designed for independent editors, audio post pros, and smaller post-production houses. ISIS | 1000 offers real-time editorial collaboration and the high-speed bandwidth you need to accelerate any media workflow, without requiring you to be an IT expert to set up and manage the system. Plus, get peace of mind— no matter how challenging the production or schedule—with the advanced file management system, enabling you to work the way you want, with both Avid and third-party systems, and attain the trusted data protection, flexibility, and scalability only Avid can deliver.

9 Reason To Invest In Avid ISIS | 1000 Now:

  1. Extensive Capacity - Near From 20TB to 80TB

  2. Performance - HD, UHD, 2K, 4K

  3. Project Sharing - Up to 24 Users

  4. Open & Collaborative - Edit in Avid Media Composer, Avid Pro Tools, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Da Vinci Resolve

  5. Easy Configeration - 10 to 24 Network Port

  6. Simple Administration - Avid Support Optional 

  7. Reliability - ISIS = 10 Years Experience

  8. Cost Efficiency - Starting at $17,995

  9. Proven ISIS Technology - Flexible Administration with FlexDrive™. Intelligent Load Balancing.

Want to learn more about Avid | ISIS 1000? Contact Us

Key Code Media is the #1 Avid Reseller Systems Integrator Worldwide! To learn more about Avid products sold & supported by Key Code Media visit: http://www.keycodemedia.com/Products/avid-technologies

Optical Disc Archive with storageDNA

Sony Professional & StorageDNA introduce a unique solution providing a low cost, easy, reliable way to store, search and work directly with archived content. Sony Professional & StorageDNA are introducing a new 4K/HDR friendly archive workflow, with unparalleled data access and management tools. You can now spend less time searching for and restoring archived media assets, and more time creating content. We can't wait to show you!

Learn more about storageDNA:

Contact Us for more information.

HDR and 4K: Making The Right Post Decisions (On Demand)

Panelist: Larry Jordan, Michael Cioni, Mike Whipple, Bryan McMahan
Hosted at Sony Pictures Studio - Digital Motion Picture Center

Better pixels or more pixels? Nearly 50% of US homes will own a 4K TV by 2020, yet both Netflix and Amazon Prime say High Dynamic Range (HDR) is more important. Meanwhile editing 4K content requires a faster computer, updated software, and even more storage. Which format should post production be focusing more on? Where’s the demand, and what is the most affordable way of doing it?


Michael Cioni
CEO, Light Iron

Bryan McMahan
Senior Digital Colorist, Modern Video Film

Mike Whippel
Executive Director, Post Production Technologies at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Larry Jordan
Digital Production Buzz  
Larry Jordan


Sponsored by:

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About Key Code Media:

Key Code Media sells and supports live production, 4k HDR editorial, storage/archive, media management and automation technology solutions. We focus on helping our clients to maximize their creativity and efficiencies.

Spectra Logic Announce Low Cost Bulk NAS Storage

Spectra logic verde DPELast week, Spectra Logic announced Spectra Verde DPE NAS Disk Platform which offers lowest cost bulk storage with New SMR Drive Technology. Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) can write up to 20 to 25% more data by removing the gaps in data, and instead stacks data, similar to shingles on a house.

Here are some key features of Spectra Verde DPE:

  • Preserve unstructured data as low as 9₵/GB* raw
  • Expandable to 7.4 PB raw in a single rack
  • Triple-parity RAID Z3 with continuous data checksum, pushing probability of data loss to 1 in over 2 million years when properly monitored and maintained
  • CIFS and NFS interfaces included; NFS acceleration kit available as an option
  • 1 GB per second in bulk storage applications

“For pennies per GB, Verde DPE is built for bulk storage and archive of large, unstructured files,” said Spectra Logic Chief Technology Officer, Matt Starr. “Combined with our proven tape solutions, you have a genetically diverse media set that protects your digital assets. We think of our newest product as the next step in the evolution of digital preservation.”

Learn more: pdfSpectra Verde DPE NAS Disk Platform (PDF)

Key Code Media is a reseller/systems integrator providing clients media storage & asset management solutions. Contact us if you are currently evaluating SAN/NAS storage products. 

NewTek TriCaster Advanced Software: Top 5 Essential Features

NewTek has announced TriCaster Advanced Edition, for the 8000, 860, 460, 410 and Mini. Data driven graphics, simultaneous streaming, IP workflows, and publishing to multiple social media accounts are just a few of the new features geared to help TriCaster power users take their productions further. TriCaster Advanced Edition software is the key to unlocking even more power in the most complete, multi-camera production system on the planet.

Discover an entirely new set of 60+ advanced features that will elevate your content, accelerate your productivity and multiply your revenue. All without additional equipment purchases.

If you have any additional feature or purchasing questions about TriCaster Advanced, do not hesitate to contact Key Code Media (The #1 Worldwide NewTek TriCaster Reseller). Learn more: http://www.keycodemedia.com/Products/newtek

Understand NewTek Talkshow Skype TX in 7 minutes [Video]

NewTek's TalkShow VS 100 is a rackable hardware solution that converts a Skype call from any device into a professional-quality video signal, removing the need for a scan converter. Built upon Microsoft's Skype TX software platform, the turnkey box features HD/SDI input and output and gives studio and live event producers automatic aspect ratio conversion and color correction, balanced audio and a full set of studio-level controls to improve picture and sound quality on the fly. 

NewTek TalkShow Features Include:

  • Broadcast-style video from regular Skype calls
    With automatic aspect ratio conversions and balanced audio, and without requiring a scan converter.
  • Optimized on-air video
    NewTek’s proprietary, real-time video processing engine incorporates superb scaling, format conversion, aspect, and color correction routines; limit return video resolution in order to prioritize quality of incoming call video.
  • Built-in video quality checks
    Failover to custom, still image when unforeseen bandwidth constraints occur below operator-defined preset value.
  • SDI I/O
    Output a live video call to any production switcher and input from router or any production source to send a return image back to remote caller over IP.
  • Multiple Skype calls
    Add TalkShow units and manage all within a single, user-friendly interface.
  • Access to anyone with a Skype Account
    ...and to anyone else who downloads and signs up for the standard desktop client.

If you have any additional feature or purchasing questions about TriCaster Advanced, do not hesitate to contact Key Code Media (The #1 Worldwide NewTek TriCaster Reseller).


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