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Avid ScriptSync and PhraseFind: They're Back!

In early 2017 the Media Composer | ScriptSync Option and Media Composer | PhraseFind Option will be available once again for purchase for use with Media Composer.

Avid and Key Code Media are pleased to announce that PhraseFind and ScriptSync are coming back to Media Composer.  In early 2017 Avid will introduce updated, feature rich products using the very latest Nexidia phonetic search technology.  To complement these upgrades, Avid is also introducing new pricing with attractive offers on bundles, upgrades and Education licenses.

What does this mean?
This means that the editing systems and infrastructure you’ve kept frozen to retain the ability to use the original versions of PhraseFind and ScriptSync is no longer necessary!
  • This means moving from Media Composer 6.5/7.  That’s 3-4 years worth of Avid software fixes, functionality additions and speed improvements.
  • This means upgrading your editing machine’s Mac or Windows OS to current versions, allowing for compatibility for other software applications and tools
  • This means newer and faster CPUs that can run the OS Media Composer needs for peak performance.
  • This means upgrading your storage platform to newer software versions adding speed and flexibility.
And most importantly: it allows you to continue using the software options that have redefined post production workflows in the professional realm.

PhraseFind 2.0

PhraseFind 2

ScriptSync 2.0 

ScriptSync 2


Media Composer | ScriptSync $499 $349
Media Composer | PhraseFind $199 $149
Media Composer ScriptSync and PhraseFind Bundle $599 $419
Media Composer ScriptSync and PhraseFind Bundle EDU $49 n/a

Facebook Live - What You Need To Know Now

Facebook Live is the hottest video broadcast platform of the moment. It's very simple to get started, but to truly take advantage of the platform professionally there are some factors to consider beyond the content itself:

How Long?
When Facebook Live first launched, broadcasts were limited to 90 minutes. Once that time was up, your broadcast would end and you would have to create a new stream. That limit has since been increased to 4 hours, although documentation on the Facebook Live portal still refers to the old 90-minute cap. 4 hours should be sufficient for most events unless your little league game hits a rain delay.

How To View?
You don't have to rely on your audience finding your live broadcast by visiting Facebook. Just as with YouTube Live, you can now embed the Facebook Live player on your own website. Facebook has a handy Code Configurator that will generate the code you need to copy and paste.

Who Can See It?
Reaching as many people as possible is usually a goal of most Facebook Live broadcasters, however, you can control the geographic locations of viewers via the API. There are many reasons you may want to consider this such as permissions, copyright or licenses for different regions or countries. If your event is local, it is possible to 'black out' the broadcast for those nearby to encourage physical attendance, but still give access to those too far away to attend.

Who's Paying For It?
Facebook Live is still experimenting with advertising, but their are already firm restrictions on what you cannot do. Before each broadcast you will receive this warning message: "Don't put third-party video ads in your live video. For example, don't include bumpers, pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll." This is not just limited to video, as it has been reported that animated bugs and branded lower-thirds have been found to be in violation of this rule.

Facebook Live will be launching mid-video paid commercial breaks too (they opted against pre-roll as it deterred viewers) which you may or may not have much control over. This will be an issue for corporations and brands as competitors could target your broadcasts, although in the future you could receive a share of the advertising revenues (a payment system has yet to be rolled out and, as of the time of writing, no publisher has received any ad related revenue). The first rollout has video ads eligible to appear five minutes into a broadcast, lasting up to 15 seconds or shorter. If you are a Facebook advertiser, you can opt to not have your video ads on the platform be used in Live content.

What Happens Afterward?
Once your live broadcast is over, the completed video will be published to your Page or Profile for viewing at a later date. As the owner, you can remove this video just like any other content if you don't want it available afterward. If you are publishing to a Page, you can also apply control and customization settings to the video on the broadcast after it has ended.

How To Stream Reliably?
You can broadcast via Facebook Live from your smartphone and its tiny camera, but for a professional video production, you should use a dedicated encoder such as the AJA Helo or LiveU Solo. TriCaster users can upgrade to Advanced Edition which enables Facebook Live streaming directly from the system with one click. Contact us here at Key Code Media and we can consult with you on the best technology to meet your needs.

Facebook Live Video Specs

Maximum 720p (720 x 1280) resolution, at 30 frames per second. (or 1 key frame every 2 seconds).
You must send an I-frame (keyframe) at least once every two seconds throughout the stream.
Recommended max bit rate is 4000 Kbps.
Titles must be less than 255 characters otherwise the stream will fail.
The Live API accepts H264 encoded video and AAC encoded audio only.

Advanced Settings
Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square.
Frame Types: Progressive Scan.
Audio Sample Rate: 44.1 KHz.
Audio Bitrate: 128 Kbps stereo.
Bitrate Encoding: CBR.

Come Demo the Only IP Series in Southern California!

Key Code Media has the first IP Series unit in Southern California. Join the IP Revolution and book a private demo today!

NewTek's IP Series was the hottest product from IBC 2016. It began shipping on this month, and Key Code Media is the only reseller in Southern California with the switcher available for demos. Check out how we can upgrade your workflow and integrate NDI connections seamlessly. 

Click here to register for a demo!

Demos are available from 10:00am to 4:00pm each day.

What makes the IP Series a great investment?

The IP Series makes integrating the newest production technology with your older equipment possible. Begin implementing new tech without the hassle of stripping everything you've done and starting anew. The IP Series is also scalable and expandable, giving you more than five times the number of inputs previously possible. 

Click here to register for a demo!

NewTek announces IP Series - join the revolution

The IP Revolution is here. No longer should your video productions be bound by the traditional limitations of cabling, hardware, talent availability or studio space. NewTek's new IP Series unlocks the potential of NDI for boundless creativity with software-driven live production.

It's not just about replacing the cable from camera to switcher, it's about disrupting the traditional workflows and creating content in ways that have never been possible or cost-effective. Now all of your sources and destinations can be interconnected with the same traditional Ethernet you have been using for years. Your crew and talent don't even need to be in the same location anymore.

newtek ip series studio newtek ip series studio

But fear not, this is not a leap into the dark. NDI technology is proven with hundreds of third party vendors adding NDI support and thousands of traditional TriCaster users already deploying network-based workflows. In fact, IP has been an integral part of many NewTek based productions since the dawn of iVGA.

The IP Series of products takes this to a whole new level, but maintains the traditional HD-SDI capabilities so that you can adapt existing productions and equipment over time. The IP Series is also expandable and scalable, up to 44 inputs on a single Video Mix Engine either HD-SDI or NDI, more than five times the number previously possible.

newtek ip series inputs

The modular approach to the IP Series unlocks capabilities hitherto impossible or cost-prohibitive. Now you can aggregate your camera sources with the Input Module in a different location to your Video Mix Engine - perfect for stadiums, campuses or multiple-studio environments... Bring in sources from around the world via Skype TX... Send and record outputs anywhere on the network... Have your graphics operator in a different location... Use the same sources to create different content in real-time... We've only just scratched the surface as to what is now possible.

newtek ip series outputs

Key Code Media is a proud early adopter of NDI workflows and enabling productions to go beyond the traditional paradigms. As NewTek's #1 North American Elite partner, we will be bringing the IP Series on tour across the US with the first demos of this exciting new technology. Why not join us for a one-on-one demo as the IP Revolution takes over?

To learn more about the new IP Series from our solution experts, please click here.

Key Code Media Featured in Technologies for Worship Magazine

Key Code Media was featured in the August 2016 issue of Technologies for Worship Magazine

Our team worked on a project at Willow Creek Church in South Barrington, Illinois. Willow Creek's situation was a unique challenge -- they had to broadcast one primary worship message from their 7,095-seat worship center in South Barrington to seven regional congregations around the country. They also needed to be able to edit, finish and distribute video as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Key Code Media gave them the tools necessary to broadcast their message, using software and hardware from Quantum, Telestream, Adobe, Apple and others. Click here to read more about the project at Willow Creek Church!


Contact us today to learn how Key Code Media can work with your house of worship to expand your digital footprint.




Avid Storage: ISIS vs. NEXIS

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When Avid announced the revamped storage line – dubbed “NEXIS”, it was more than a simple rebranding. The tech changes under the hood only reinforced the Avid storage platform as one of the most effective solutions out there for collaborative productions. What may have been lost during the deluge of tech announcements earlier this year was exactly why NEXIS is more than just a name change.

First, let’s demystify the 3 new Avid storage options.

1. The NEXIS | PRO. The NEXIS PRO is the market equivalent of the ISIS 1000. It’s a single, standalone chassis, clocking in at 20TB and expandable to 4 chassis maximum.

2. The NEXIS | E2: a standalone chassis, and half the rack space of an ISIS 5000/5500. It’s actually the same footprint as the NEXIS PRO/ISIS 1000. It contains 1 of the new “Media Packs”, which is a pack of 10 drives. Available in 20TB or 60TB variants.

3. The NEXIS | E4 is also a standalone chassis, and twice as large as the E2, in terms of hard drive capacity and rack size – it’s just as large as an ISIS 5000/5500. The E4 can house 1 or 2 Media Packs – thus, 10 (half populated) or 20 (fully populated) drives before you need a new chassis. Think of it as a doubled E2 in a single chassis.

Often, storage comparisons use speeds and feeds to differentiate from other solutions. However, often the context of these numbers is lost during comparisons, leading to confusion in the market. For example, one company’s burst speed can be another company’s sustained speed. Thus, when we look at Avid’s new storage, it’s important to clarify some of the finer points of the new features.

1. Media Protection. It would be simple to call the NEXIS protection scheme as a RAID5 (1 drive redundancy) or RAID6 (2 drive redundancy). But it’s not. If a drive dies, data is systemically rebuilt, focusing on recovering the media referenced on the lost drive first as opposed to the entire drive set. Avid calls this “Media Aware Protection”. This ensures that the most sensitive data is recovered first. Both the E2 and E4 solutions offer this type of protection, while the NEXIS PRO is full time 2 drive protection.

2. Speed. While Avid shared storage has never been the fastest storage solution out there, Avid has always been a big proponent of sustained throughput. This means that under light or heavy loads, Avid guarantees the same performance. This allows you to have predictable results when planning your production. Each single NEXIS PRO or Media Pack can handle up to 400MB/s – and it scales linearly as you add NEXIS PRO chassis or Media Packs. For example, this means a fully populated E4 has 2 Media Packs (2 x 10 drive Media Packs) and allows for 800MB/s.




ISIS | 5500

ISIS | 7500




Drive Sizes






Media Protection

Raid 5 / Single Disk

RAID 6 / Dual Disk


Mirror + Dual Disk

Upgradeable Redundant Controllers

System Director



Mix and Match Engines

Common Spares

Half Populated Engines

SSD Acceleration

Per Chassis Max Speed





800MB/s (fully populated)



An unseen yet vital reason for the increased performance of the NEXIS system over the previous ISIS offering is the OS underneath. Avid has opted to move from a Windows server OS to Linux (Debian “Jesse” if you’re into that sorta thing). Not only does this OS change yield the inherent security provided by a Linux OS, but also the stability needed in mission critical environments. Often, processing overhead typically required by a Windows server OS deployment can also decrease overall system performance – something a lean and mean Linux deployment can bypass.

If we put the tech aside for a moment, we should remember that these new storage offerings are a sobering reminder of something we never really want to think about.

That is, the investment you made into your shared storage solution may be reaching the end of it’s warranty. Drives are apt to fail (20% of hard drives die within 4 years of purchase), and support may come to an end. The blend of the potential loss of warranty, coupled with the improved technology may be the “right place right time” scenario to upgrade your systems.

Contact us today to get more information on upgrading your storage and extending the life of your investment.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Live Animation For Video Productions In Schools

Animation has always been an excellent teaching tool. Animated characters provide engaging role models to communicate appropriate behavior and teach worthwhile lessons. Children easily accept messages from what they see as peer friends.

Imagine if your students at your school could take all of the animation assets from a cartoon TV series (like the Rugrats) and create their own episode by only having to write the script and record the dialogue? Story Maker is the new teaching tool that allows students to make their own lessons using all of the assets from an animated series.

Story Maker is a software package that empowers anyone to create high quality live animations from their voice-over, a touch screen panel of actions and a joystick. It’s so easy, grade school students can be up and running in minutes.

The software package offers an extensive selection of characters. Every character comes with a library of movements and expressions and can be customized on a simple touch screen.

Animation 1
View Image
Animation 2
View Image
Animation 3
View Image

  • Quickly create animated videos to tell your student’s stories
  • The real-time character animation technology is fast & easy
  • Enhance your existing productions with unique, animated characters
  • Seamless integration with real and virtual studios
  • Bring your school mascot to life for morning announcements
  • Best of all, it works great with a NewTek TriCaster!

We have turn-key packages ready to go, including onsite installation and training. If you already have cameras and a green screen, Key Code Media can work with your existing equipment to bring Animation Now to your school.

Contact us today to learn more.

[Video] How to Create a Collaborative Adobe Facility

Are you looking to "cut-the-cord" with outdated editorial platforms? Do you need your Adobe editors networked & sharing with the production team?

Save your team time & money during the post production process! Introducing online/offline editing functionality with Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe is now optimized to meet your requirements for post production team collaboration infrastructure including servers, storage, standard networking, and a Media Asset Management solution. In this webcast, we’ll cover how Adobe is changing the way facilities interact engage online video editing. Watch the video below to learn more!

Watch The Presentation


File Based Insert Edit with Cinedeck

Cinedeck Insert Edit RX MX ZX Model

Looking for a way to save time & money during post production? The promise of a simpler post finishing workflow for file-based deliverables has been elusive due to the inability to make changes to flat files. Cinedeck has developed a game-changing patent pending technology that allows changes to the video or audio essence in your closed flat file and have engineered a workflow that allows you to breeze through your file-based deliverables as though you were working with tape.

Punch in and out of your master file and change video, audio or both without re-export or re-rendering to your Prores, DNx, J2K, AVC-I or even 4K resolution deliverables. Additionally, using Cinedeck VMM (Virtual Mastering Media), multi-slate change file-based deliverables are simple and fast. For instance, a deliverable with multiple slate changes that would have taken all day for export and QC can now be done in a matter of minutes.

Learn About Cinedeck File-based Insert Edit:

Watch This Video:

Contact Key Code Media to learn more about production workflow solutions. We sell, and support digital media production technology. The difference comes with our 24x7 support, and flexible financial offerings that make it easier for you to make the best decision.

Hewlett Packard LTO-7 Is Now Shipping

We are happy to announce HP, and other LTO partners are officially shipping LTO-7! With 6TB/15 TB storage capacity, and 700 MB/sec transfer speed, there is a compelling reason to upgrade your LTO-6 (and below) drives & libraries. Learn more:

MSL6480 HPE LTO 7 loresHewlett Packard Enterprise Ultrium tape technology has been designed to deliver exceptional reliability and performance at the lowest cost per GB. The Ultrium format builds on the best of existing technologies; open standards increase innovation and widen customer choice in terms of performance, capacity and form factor. Backed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s exhaustive media qualification process, HPE Ultrium data cartridges support all HPE and non-HPE Ultrium tape devices.

Key features and benefits
  • Up to 15 TB compressed capacity.
  • Supports transfer speeds up to 300 MB/sec or 1.1 TB hour native with LTO-7.
  • Both Advanced Metal Particle and Barium Ferrite options available for LTO-6.
  • For use in all HPE and non-HPE LTO Ultrium products.
  • Unique colored cartridge to assist with identification in mixed media environments.
  • Very low media cost per TB – maximize storage density within the data center.
  • LTO cartridge memory in media to improve access time and provide enhanced media monitoring.
  • Durable cartridge designed to minimize wear and debris (important in automation).
  • Tested to extremes to a level of specification unique to Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Many of the test procedures required for HPE brand qualification (eg. load/unload, shoeshine, drop testing and environmental stress testing) are not required for the LTO Ultrium logo.
  • Hardware-based encryption for compliance with FIPS 140-2 level 1 security standards.
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers both Custom Labeled and Non- Custom Labeled data cartridges in both standard bar code and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) versions.
    • Custom Labeled offerings allow automation customers the ability to customize their label to their specific needs. This includes the ability to define the bar code label type and to specify an exact label sequence.
    • Non-Custom Labelled media allows automation customers the ability to receive labeled media without having to wait for a custom labeled solution. Bar code sequences are predetermined by HPE and are guaranteed to be unique.

pdfLearn more about Hewlett Packard Enterprise LTO Ultrium Media

For more information do not hestitate to contact Key Code Media

[RECAP] 4K Workflow: See What's New

4k Production Workflow Video

AJA Systems, Quantum, and Elemental Technologies joined Key Code Media to discuss challenges of 4K for production facilities. The focus on the webcast was ingest, bandwidth, and delivery 4k technology. We brought on three product experts to discuss how their solutions are solving these challenges.

Watch The Presentation:

Are you looking for more information about technology for 4k broadcast and post production? Contact Us

Adobe Premiere Pro Shared Storage

Are you looking for 4K-Ready shared storage server that gives your team total flexibility, with built-in NAS and SAN, up to 480TB storage per node, multiple direct-connect GbE and 10GbE ports, enhanced asset tagging, cloud integration with Dropbox and Adobe CC, RAID 5/6, and LDAP/AD — all in one box? With project locking for Premiere Pro, After Effects, SpeedGrade, and more – Media professionals can be more collaborative without worrying about the security of their project files. With our added support for XML and a Cloud storage workspace, SNS improves the collaborative creativity that EVO with ShareBrowser and Adobe Creative Cloud provide.

Learn About Studio Network Solutions Adobe Creative Cloud Shared Storage Solution:

Watch This Video:

Contact Key Code Media to learn more about shared storage solutions. We sell, and support digital media production technology. The difference comes with our 24x7 support, and flexible financial offerings that make it easier for you to make the best decision.

Quantum Announces Xcellis: High Performance Media Shared Storage

Last month, Quantum announced their new high performance media shared storage product Xcellis. Powered by StorNext this scale-out storage platform looks promising both in price-performance, and scalability. Here is the official press release from Quantum:


Quantum Corp. announced Xcellis™ workflow storage, the company's next-generation, high-performance storage solution engineered to optimize demanding workflows, accelerate time to insight and empower organizations to drive greater success. The new solution addresses the explosive growth of unstructured data and the opportunity to capitalize on its strategic value by enabling users to share and leverage this data more quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Powered by Quantum's StorNext® scale-out storage platform and its industry-leading streaming performance, Xcellis can be deployed as a standalone system or as the primary storage component within a multitier storage environment incorporating object storage, tape and cloud technologies.
Quantum Xcellis ResellerFor customers in highly data-intensive fields such as video production, intelligence, surveillance and technical applications (e.g., genomics, medical imaging, oil and gas exploration), meeting business and mission objectives depends on the ability to derive value from their digital assets. However, a key challenge has been storing and managing this data in a way that cost-effectively meets performance and access needs in an end-to-end workflow. While scale-out NAS products have enabled organizations to leverage their IP infrastructure, these offerings have been unable to keep up with the greater performance and scalability demands generated by increasingly larger data files and higher content resolutions. Xcellis overcomes these limitations and delivers a comprehensive solution that automates and simplifies data management, providing a unique combination of converged architecture, continuous scalability and unified access in a single system.
Converged Architecture
At the heart of the new solution is the new Xcellis Workflow Director, a converged compute, network and file system controller that tightly integrates and streamlines the functionality of a StorNext environment. The Workflow Director:
  • Consolidates multiple components into a single system, simplifying the overall storage architecture, operation, management and access for third-party applications.
  • Controls file system metadata and client access for SAN, Distributed LAN Client (DLC) and NAS connectivity (DLC is a connectivity option developed by Quantum).
  • Supports hosted applications that benefit from direct file access.
  • Enables users to take advantage of automated storage tiering.
Continuous Scalability
Xcellis delivers significant enhancements in capacity and scalability for greater efficiency and cost effectiveness:
  • It nearly doubles the number of files that StorNext can handle — to 10 billion files total, with 1.4 billion files under management.
  • Users can start with a small system and smoothly scale to the largest possible system without having to replace original hardware or take the system down, thereby protecting past investments.
  • Utilizing Quantum's QXS disk storage arrays, Xcellis provides higher capacity and bandwidth that can scale independently.
In short, unlike scale-out NAS offerings, Xcellis enables organizations to scale their storage continuously with consistent, deterministic performance as more users access data, pay only for whatever capacity or performance they require and avoid the need for extra compute power.
Unified Access
Xcellis provides built-in unified access to data, including:
  • High-performing Fibre Channel SAN connectivity.
  • DLC connectivity for "better-than-Ethernet" performance over Ethernet.
  • Direct NAS connectivity.
Xcellis supports every phase of the workflow with the most appropriate connection to match the performance requirements of users. While more performance-focused clients will benefit from the high-speed SAN connectivity, less data-intensive operations can be completed via NAS connections over Ethernet. Xcellis ties all of these elements together and simplifies shared access through a single namespace, regardless of the number of file systems, allowing each user to access the needed files at a level of performance appropriate to the job. In addition, because DLC and NAS connectivity are separately licensable options, users pay only for the base unit and the type of connectivity they want.
Xcellis Availability
Xcellis can be ordered today as a standalone system for customers across Quantum's scale-out storage markets and as a customizable configuration within the company's media and entertainment-focused StorNext Pro™ Solutions. In addition, it will serve as the foundation for a new line of surveillance solutions Quantum will be introducing in the coming weeks. Xcellis will begin shipping late next month, along with the latest release of StorNext 5 software.

Key Code Media is a preferred reseller of Quantum solutions. Are you looking for more information about shared storage? Contact Us

How To Live Stream A Multi-Cam Production

On October 16th, Key Code Media live streamed How To Live Stream A Multi-Cam Production. The webcast covered the basics tools necessary to launch a production, as well as some unique add-ons, that will different you from the competition. Here are some the video highlights:

  • Cost-effective solutions and the important basics that will get you started producing and streaming multi-camera productions.
  • How to create engaging content with custom graphics and animation.
  • How to brand your business while producing a TV-quality show.
  • How to stream live video to a worldwide audience — on any device.

Watch The Full Presentation:

Are you looking for more information about live streaming multi camera technology? Picking the right pieces for your technology workflow is an art. We make it easier. Contact Us to learn more. 

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