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Avid ScriptSync and PhraseFind: They're Back!

In early 2017 the Media Composer | ScriptSync Option and Media Composer | PhraseFind Option will be available once again for purchase for use with Media Composer.

Avid and Key Code Media are pleased to announce that PhraseFind and ScriptSync are coming back to Media Composer.  In early 2017 Avid will introduce updated, feature rich products using the very latest Nexidia phonetic search technology.  To complement these upgrades, Avid is also introducing new pricing with attractive offers on bundles, upgrades and Education licenses.

What does this mean?
This means that the editing systems and infrastructure you’ve kept frozen to retain the ability to use the original versions of PhraseFind and ScriptSync is no longer necessary!
  • This means moving from Media Composer 6.5/7.  That’s 3-4 years worth of Avid software fixes, functionality additions and speed improvements.
  • This means upgrading your editing machine’s Mac or Windows OS to current versions, allowing for compatibility for other software applications and tools
  • This means newer and faster CPUs that can run the OS Media Composer needs for peak performance.
  • This means upgrading your storage platform to newer software versions adding speed and flexibility.
And most importantly: it allows you to continue using the software options that have redefined post production workflows in the professional realm.

PhraseFind 2.0

PhraseFind 2

ScriptSync 2.0 

ScriptSync 2


Media Composer | ScriptSync $499 $349
Media Composer | PhraseFind $199 $149
Media Composer ScriptSync and PhraseFind Bundle $599 $419
Media Composer ScriptSync and PhraseFind Bundle EDU $49 n/a

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