AutomaticTV: Live video sports production with no humans.

AutomaticTV is an unattended artificially intelligent system that creates a live production: it tracks the action, records the video, and streams with no manual intervention. The system can pan & tilt, zoom in/out and switch cameras automatically depending on the rules defined for each sport. If you have an operator available, the system can be switched to manual mode for a traditional production.

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The system uses multiple fixed IP cameras to create a virtual stitch of the entire playing area. Additional cameras can be placed in ‘end zones’ depending on the sport. AutomaticTV will pan the action and switch cameras automatically.

As well as giving you the capacity to create unlimited live productions with no staff, the productions can also be used by coaches and trainers using apps that take advantage of a full field of view. Action being missed ‘off camera’ is now a thing of the past.

An Affordable Solution Designed To Boost Your business

  • Schools & colleges
  • Professional clubs
  • Sports centers
  • Federations & conferences
  • Sponsors
  • Local media and news agencies

Share You Event With The World In Real Time

  • Increase revenue of sports centers
  • Maximize return of your media content
  • Attract new sponsors and advertising
  • Vitalize your social mediaEmpower your website
  • Empower your website
  • Easy highlights creation

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