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Sony Electronics is a leading provider of audio/video solutions for professional production applications, including broadcast television, motion picture production, and live event production.

ENG Cameras
Sony offers a variety of camcorders both in a shoulder-mount or handheld form factor. Their ergonomically designed shoulder mount cameras offer stunning imaging performance up to 1080/60p. They’re the perfect balance of performance and practicality for all-day field or studio shooting applications, with networking features that enable flexibility like never before.

PTZ Cameras
Maximize coverage of events by delivering superb Full-HD broadcast-quality imaging with Sony’s Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras. Their 3G-SDI and Live IP streaming cameras can simultaneously output 3G-SDI and live IP streaming content. Remote control units can also help to reduce shooting crew sizes.

Delivering uncompromised image quality, Sony’s cameras are the industry’s leading choice for broadcast live production from news to talk to major league sports. Even if your production does not deliver in 4K yet, you can capture and preserve your content ready for the future with cost-effective 4K enabled cameras.

Sony’s XDCAM camcorders stream remarkably high quality at surprisingly low cost. Quality of Service (QoS) technology dramatically improves the clarity that’s possible on a single, affordable cellular channel. You can also stream de facto standard MPEG-TS, transfer proxy or full-res files with bit-for-bit accuracy, and control your camcorder right from a tablet or smartphone.

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