Key Code Media started its company around editorial solutions and continues to lead the industry in supporting enterprise editorial/finishing business infrastructure.

Make the right decision when designing a postproduction business. See the full picture, and avoid technical “gotchas” that can plague the postproduction process. Key Code Media understands the technical nuances of postproduction for every type of business, including television, feature film, corporate video, sports, house of worship, and education. We’re here to help.

Collaborative Editorial

Real-time creative collaboration between editors was once a highly specialized feature only available on enterprise-based solutions. This ability now extends across multiple NLE systems, as well as multiple storage solutions. Which one is best for your production? We will work with you and your team to choose the right technologies which contain the right features for your production – including local and remote collaborative editing.

The economic benefits of remote teams collaboration and instant usage are both enabling and disruptive to the industry. The ability for anyone in a production, to securely access, edit, comment on any production asset or project, from anywhere in the world, is the future.

Selecting the right solution is not easy. Key Code Media alleviates the stress, allowing clients to test the various platforms, before making purchasing decisions. We have remote editorial systems available for demonstration at any time for both Avid and Adobe ecosystems.

Latest Updates

Key Code Media partners with these leading vendors to provide complete workflow solutions.