Post Production Editing

“The amount of tech solutions we have is astounding. I’ve yet to come across a post production challenge we couldn’t solve with our immense line-up of technology partners.”

Michael Kammes
Michael KammesDirector of Technology, Key Code Media

Key Code Media is Post Production

Since Key Code Media opened its doors in 2001, we’ve been fully immersed in post production. We got our start by servicing the film and television community in Hollywood, and we’ve proven that the high stakes and high-pressure world of media creation are no match for the best practices and systems we design and deploy. Over the years we’ve taken the experiences and lessons we’ve learned, and implemented those skills to other markets. Corporate. Education. House of Worship. Sports.

We’ve also examined the technological landscape and hand-picked the solutions we offer to each market.  We’ve chosen those technologies that not only complement each other but also selected multiple products that accomplish similar tasks. Why? Because not every project needs the same exact tool, and we want to solve your problems – not just plug in the same old “solution”.

Avid Media Composer

avid media composer

Adobe Premiere Pro + Creative Cloud Apps

adobe premiere pro

Apple Final Cut Pro X

apple fcpx

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

blackmagic resolve icon

Avid Pro Tools

avid pro tools
  • Editorial & Finishing Workstations

    Powerhouse Mac, PC, and Linux workstations tailored to the creative needs of you and your team, plus mobile solutions to keep you agile.

  • Shared Storage

    SAN, NAS, and direct attached storage systems that not only deliver the content to your edit systems as fast as possible but also protect your projects and media.

  • I/O and Connectivity

    A wide variety of I/O solutions to get audio, video, and metadata in and out of your systems.

  • Monitoring

    Computer and video reference monitors to ensure color accuracy during the creative process.

  • Transcoding

    Format conversions, automation, all while retaining as much audio and visual fidelity (and metadata!) as possible.