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San Francisco – Adobe Post Production Workflow Event (April 25th)


NAB 2018: Key Code Media and Studio Network Solutions (SNS) Announce Exclusivity

Key Code Media, a leading live-to-post production equipment reseller and system integrator, and Studio Network Solutions (SNS) are announcing an exclusive partnership for the SNS EVO DPX, the latest addition to the EVO shared storage lineup, designed to make it simple for teams to integrate demanding coloring and finishing workflows into a shared storage environment with a single system.

EVO DPX was built to better support shared DPX and Open EXR workflows, rendering over complicated fibre channel deployments obsolete. The system features an eight-disk SSD architecture and comes pre-configured with 25-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. The standard EVO DPX system is capable of approximately 3,000 MBytes/sec in real-world settings, and is qualified for 16-bit 4K (4096×2160) DPX and OpenEXR at 30fps. EVO DPX also includes multiple ports of 10-Gigabit and 1-Gigabit Ethernet for up to five direct-connect users by default.

The EVO DPX will be an exclusive product to Key Code Media, Studio Network Solutions top reseller in California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, and Michigan throughout 2018.

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avid nab 2018 announcements

NAB 2018: Avid Technologies Announcement Recap

Avid Connect 2018 (#AVIDConnect) kicked off the NAB week with several new announcements, emphasizing enhanced collaborative editorial tools for audio and video. Announcements include new products: Avid NEXIS |E5 NL storage, Media Composer | Ultimate, Pro Tools | Ultimate, Avid | AI, Avid Venue S6L updates, MediaCentral updates, and more. Here’s a breakdown of the announcements:

1) Avid Announces New Post Production Workflow Tools

Avid post production workflows centered on MediaCentral | Editorial Management give everyone—from small editorial teams to global media enterprises—the speed, collaboration and efficiency needed to take on the most demanding projects. Featured include:

  • Intuitive media management in a streamlined user interface
    Media Composer solutions that suit everyone
  • Complete 4K I/O solutions in a portable and affordable configuration
  • Avid NEXIS shared storage innovations

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2) Avid Unveils Avid NEXIS | E5 NL

Avid NEXIS family extended to enable customers to seamlessly manage different storage tiers with optimal cost-efficiency and reliability. Featured include:

  • Access archived media fast – faster access to archived media
  • Integrate seamlessly into MediaCentral – new MediaCentral | Shared Library provides a powerful, flexible archiving solution for all types of assets.
  • Get easy scalability – Scale from 480TB to 7.8PB, connecting multiple E5 NL engines.
  • Avid Nearline pricing gets as low as $197/terabyte

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3) Avid Empower Creative with New Pro Tools, Media Composer, and Sibelius products

As of today, Avid’s Sibelius, Media Composer and Pro Tools solutions are each available in two editions for creative individuals and teams at any stage in their career. “First” allows creators to begin the journey. “Ultimate” is the go-to for Media Professionals.

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4) Avid Unveils Groundbreaking Unified Platform for Live Sound Mixing

Extended Avid VENUE | S6L platform delivers unprecedented compatibility and modularity with comprehensive new line of control surfaces, engines, I/O racks. Including:

  • New control surfaces:
    • VENUE | S6L-48D: 48 + 2 faders, 160 assignable knobs, 1 integrated Master Touchscreen, 5 integrated Channel Touch Modules
    • VENUE | S6L-24C: 24 + 2 faders, 32 assignable knobs, 1 integrated Master Touchscreen
    • VENUE | S6L-16C: 16 + 2 faders, 32 assignable knobs
  • New engine:
    • VENUE | E6L-112: 112 input processing channels, 48 mix busses + LCR
  • New I/O racks:
    • Stage 32—Maximum I/O flexibility in a smaller footprint for stage or remote I/O needs, with support for a mix of up to 32 inputs and outputs total, choosing from a variety of analog I/O, digital I/O, and Dante card options
    • Local 16—Expands control surface local I/O capabilities in a compact package that provides 8 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs, and 8 AES digital inputs and outputs

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5) Avid Updates Workflow Solutions for Sports, Accelerate Ultra-High Definition Content Creation and Delivery

Broadcasters accelerate their UHD production with Avid’s end-to-end sports workflows, which now include easy-to-use, cloud-enabled apps, integrated graphics production, and live content tagging and logging. By gaining production efficiency with workflows driven by the open MediaCentral platform, production teams can allocate more time to content capture, creative processes, and serving their UHD shows to every consumer device.

  • Ingest, edit and play out content with Avid FastServe
  • Collaborate on content creation with MediaCentral | Editorial Management
  • Tag content using MediaCentral | Log app
  • Automatically catalogue content with YEPCO Sports Data Feed Connector
  • Collaborate with anyone with MediaCentral
  • Store and archive content with Avid NEXIS
  • Integrated real-time graphics with Avid Maestro family
  • Display content in Maestro studio solutions

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6) Avid introduces Avid | On Demand, harnessing the cloud and artificial intelligence for content editing and storage.

Avid | On Demand is a cloud service and solutions platform that provides media production capabilities on demand. Avid | On Demand lets media organizations conveniently deploy the capabilities they need on a per project basis with optimal elasticity—and without a drawn-out deployment phase or large capital outlay.

Avid | On Demand cloud services include:

  • Avid | AI: A new suite of Avid and third-party capabilities that automate content indexing, such as closed captioning verification, language detection, facial recognition, scene detection, and speech-to-text conversion.
  • Shared Library On Demand
  • Editorial On Demand 

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7) Other Avid NAB 2018 Announcements:

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Max Post: Avid Interplay for Reality Post Production

Max Post is a full-service post-production facility located in Burbank, California. They primarily service reality television- end-to-end from ingest, transcode, offline/online, color, finish, and delivery. Currently, Max Post is servicing five different series for Discovery, A&E, History Channel, CNBC, and Netflix (Confession Tapes and Fire chasers).


At Max Post, the workflow starts with ingesting. A typical show’s footage is ingested through Telestream, archiving the raw camera master to tape, then sending the footage to online Avid editorial and color. Sounds simple, but Max Post is dealing with a lot of footage. A show like Deadliest Catch typically pumps in 30,000 hours of footage a season. Although, this last season the lock-off cameras alone brought in around 1.3 petabytes of media.


“At Max Post, we really value our relationship with Key Code Media. Allowing us to expand, on-demand. Keep up with the latest technology. You really get the sense that they want your business to succeed and that’s apparent throughout the entire company,” mentioned Scott Randol, Vice President of Workflow and Technology.


Max Post has relied on Avid Technology for its online workflow over the past few years. They know when they’re working with an all Avid infrastructure the show is going to be completed on time and on budget. The combination of Avid Nexis with Avid Interplay creates a lot of efficiencies.


Key Code Media supports Max Post with Post Production equipment and services.

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Key Code Media Case Study-Santa-Monica-Community-College

Santa Monica College: Center for Media and Design

Santa Monica College has over 30,000 students and is #1 transfer college to UCLA and UC system. When it came to refreshing their facilities, they wanted students to learn from the same tools that they will use in the field. SMC decided it would be necessary to build a brand new Center for Media and Design facility that includes an auditorium, a gigantic lab, hundreds of classrooms with smart technology. Key Code Media was selected at the lead integrator for the project.  The SMC project required significant project management and fulfillment logistics managing the integration and deployment of over 500 products from 300 vendors including Ross Video Carbonite, Crestron, Avid Nexis, Avid MediaComposer, touch screens and miles of cable connected across the campus.  Integration project was deployed on time and within the parameters of the bid project.  Santa Monica College’s new Center for Media and Design Campus is a true showcase for the California Community College System.


“Key Code Media has a long tradition and a long history of systems integration style projects so that when it came time for Santa Monica College to look for partners, we were a natural source for them to look,” commented Ed Locke, “I would say the most significant challenge working on the Santa Monica College project is that it was a very long design phase before the integrator was even brought to the table to start deploying technology. The first thing we did when we stepped into this project is participated in what Santa Monica College referred to as a ‘value-engineering meeting.’ We were able to refresh key aspects of the technology package to give Santa Monica College a truly a state of the art infrastructure. There’s not a single piece of equipment here that students will not touch in the real world.”


“Santa Monica College is #1 transfer college to UCLA and UC system. When you leave here, you’ll actually have a head start on your career. I find that Key Code Media is very thorough and excellent at what they do. And it was a great partnership with a lot of synergy to create this brand new awesome facility,” commented Brant Looney, IT Director, Santa Monica College.


Key Code Media provided audio, video, and digital signage system integration for Santa Monica College’s new Center for Media and Design facility.

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Post NAB Roadshow 2018

SupersphereVR 12G MultiGeometry Flypacks for Live VR 360

Supersphere: 12G Multi-Geometry Flypacks for Live VR/360°

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is proving to be a prolific new form of online video as well as a new cash source for content creators. Part of what makes it profitable is the underlining complexity of producing immersive 360° and 180º video feeds for Oculus, GearVR, Vive, and VR-compatible mobile devices.


At the forefront of VR is Lucas Wilson, founder of Supersphere, an immersive content and technology company. Supersphere has helped major brands take their VR concepts from capture, to post, to delivery – utilizing a systemized workflow for worldwide production.


“Major film studios and marketing agencies all knew that they wanted to do VR, but at that time, very few companies were producing projects up to industry standards. I saw an opportunity to create a full service VR company. And over the past 3 years, we have experienced consistent, triple-digit growth.” commented Lucas.


Supersphere was recently contracted to produce live multi-cam VR content for high resolution delivery. “Our client had very demanding requirements – live VR in stereoscopic 4K resolution. I knew conceptually what this would take, but also knew we didn’t have a flypack that could currently support it.”


Lucas approached Key Code Media to dig into the nitty gritty of the workflow and build a VR system that could pull off 12G multi-geometry live VR/360. Key Code Media’s Michael Kammes took lead on the project, analyzing the system requirements, and collaborating with Supersphere to design the final workflow.

SupershereVR Team with Key Code Media’s Michael Kammes

The result was a flypack with state-of-the-art 180° and 360° cameras from Z Cam, each input supported by ASSIMILATE SCRATCH, with realtime geometry conversion, stitching, color grading, and ambisonic audio insertion. An ATEM Production Studio 4K switcher by Black Magic Design serves as the backbone for switching between a variety of video sources. For delivery, a fully integrated transcoder from Teleos Media – delivering sustained 16 Mbps of high frame rate, 4k + VR resolution content.


“The Supersphere team is really pleased with the service and support from Key Code. Everybody – from warehouse to sales to integration – has been top notch and clearly care about our success. I hope these are the first of many products that we will work on together!”

– Lucas Wilson


Key Code Media provided system integration design services and equipment for Supershere’s 12G Multi-Geometry Flypacks for Live VR/360°.