E3 2018: Supersphere and Key Code Media Showcase Live Multi-Cam VR/360°

Los Angeles, CA – June 6, 2018 – At this year’s E3, leading VR production studio Supersphere, in collaboration with integration provider Key Code Media, will debut VR/360°/180° live streaming capabilities for esports tournaments via its groundbreaking immersive live production flypacks. The flypacks are equipped to handle multiple content streams including 360°, 180°, 4K, or HD and seamlessly mix and match each geometry for a high-end, high-resolution immersive experience. Visit the Key Code Media booth (South Hall – 2450) during E3 for a live demonstration.


“Through immersive live streaming we’re able to recreate the high energy and action of an esports tournament – viewers can see each player, each monitor, gameplay, and social feeds, just as though they were in the arena,” explained Lucas Wilson, Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Supersphere. “With our flypacks, any client will be able to deliver a customized experience in high resolution to fans anywhere in the world.”


Benefits of Supersphere’s 12G multi-geometry flypacks include:

  • Customizable to any VR, 360°, 180°, 4K, or HD camera as productions demand
  • Real-time geometry integration, live stitching, color grading, and ambisonic audio via Assimilate SCRATCH VR Z
  • Simple wireless streaming between devices or directly to the web via LiveU
  • Easily build a custom 360° video player for apps or web via Teleos Media’s VDN, or stream directly to popular platforms such as Facebook and YouTube


For more information and live demos, visit South Hall booth 2450 throughout E3.

Here’s the link to opening day Facebook live description and booth overview https://www.facebook.com/keycodemediainc/videos/10156505822513383/

We’ll be at E3 through 6/14 so stop on boy and enter VR Fortnite



Key Code Media provided system integration design services and equipment for Supershere’s 12G Multi-Geometry Flypacks for Live VR/360°. With a vast partnership of broadcast vendors, Key Code Media has helped numerous production companies integrate live broadcast and post-production technical solutions for video content creation and delivery.



With live event productions, connectivity “everywhere” becomes pivotal to the success of a broadcast. LiveU’s patented cellular boding and video transport technology creates a consistent bandwidth and reliable connection, enabling content creators to acquire, manage and distribute high quality remote live broadcasts over IP.


“The eSports industry was an early adopter of live video technology with individual gamers streaming from home,” noted George Klippel, LiveU Director of Channel Sales. “But when it came to streaming from events and tournaments, connectivity was challenging and quite expensive. With the Supersphere solution, powered by Key Code Media and LiveU, we’re seeing a tremendous opportunity for eSports conferences, eSports manufacturers, and individuals to take the live event gaming experience to an immersive next level with VR/360°.”


At the booth, see the LiveU in action as it streams live VR/360° video content from the Supersphere Mobile Flypack on the E3 show floor.


About Supersphere

Supersphere is a leading VR/360° consultancy and production studio based in Los Angeles and New York. Supersphere’s team of top creative and engineering talent brings decades of production experience and expertise in camera technology, immersive audio, broadcast integration, live streaming, and beyond to facilitate all aspects of production from concept through delivery – helping elevate clients to more forward-thinking methods of storytelling and customer engagement. http://superspherevr.com/


About Key Code Media

Key Code Media designs, integrates, supports, and trains on live production, editorial, storage/archive, media and asset management, plus audio and media automation solutions. We focus on helping our clients to maximize their budget, creativity and workflow efficiencies. With a vast partnership of broadcast vendors, Key Code Media has helped numerous production companies integrate live broadcast and post production technical solutions for video content creation and delivery.


About LiveU

LiveU is driving the live video revolution, providing live video streaming for TV, mobile, online and social media. Let your audience become part of your story with high-quality and flawless live video, transmitted from anywhere in the world, through the use of our patented bonding and video transport technology. Our broad portfolio of products sets the industry standard for live video production. From backpacks to smartphones, and satellite/cellular hybrid to external antenna solutions, LiveU offers a complete range of devices for live video coverage anytime, anywhere. In addition, LiveU offers extensive cloud-based management and video distribution solutions. With over 3,000 customers in 80+ countries, LiveU’s technology is the solution of choice for global broadcasters, online media, news agencies and social media.  For more information, visit www.liveu.tv, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.