Facilis Technology latest Terrablock version 7.1.2  and FastTracker version 2.5 is now available for download for those who have a valid Support Agreement.

Terrablock Version 7.1.2 – Available Now!

This version addresses some minor issues found in previous releases, and it’s recommended for use when upgrading to version 7.1.

Facilis version 7.1 adds many more features that will help with the administration of large and small environments alike.

Features include:

  • Real-time and historical bandwidth monitoring of volumes and workstations – gives the administrator full overview of the network down to the user level.
  • RAID50 and RAID51 management through Admin Console – completes multi-server management improvements in the new web interface.
  • Preferred connection address – allows an administrator or desktop user the ability to choose an alternate network path, increasing available bandwidth.
  • Automatic load balancing of clients – helps administrators aggregate multiple network uplinks, and adds throughput simply by adding uplinks with no manual setup required.
  • Remote client deployment – eases the load on administrators during server upgrades by automatically updating connected clients to the latest software version.

FastTracker Version 2.5 – Available Now!

The latest FastTracker asset tracking software including Adobe CC Panel is available for any Facilis customer on a valid support contract.

This new update of FastTracker Version 2.5 is filled with:

  • FastTracker CC Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects
  • Improved network, local and LTFS directory indexing
  • Import/export of metadata tags for customization

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