SNS | Premiere Pro Shared Storage for Post Production: Broadcast2Post


AUGUST 2018: August 23rd @ 10:00am
SNS | Premiere Pro Shared Storage for Post Production


This month, Key Code Media’s Broadcast2Post Web Series is inviting SNS to demonstrate how post-production facilities can better integrate Premiere Pro into their workflow. Collaborate with multiple editors, motion artists, designers, producers and other team members through Adobe Premiere Pro like you’ve never seen before. Create a searchable, organized database of our media so you always know how to find the right shot. Improve metadata management in Premiere projects, saving time with easy-to-use automation.

See a real-world example of how Adobe Premiere Pro can be leveraged in your production facility to create more flexibility and efficiencies.

**A link to the webinar will be provided 5-days prior to the event via email. Register now to attend!



Steve McKenna,SNS
Michael Kammes, Key Code Media


SNS EVO Shared Storage
SNS ShareBrowser

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