Pixellot & Key Code Presents: Broadcast2Post Web Series

NOVEMBER 2018: Pixellot | Automatic Sports Production

Every once in a while a technology comes along that just makes your jaw drop. “Wow, that is really cool.” Pixellot’s fully automated productions system is one of those products.

This month on Broadcast2Post, Pixellot will demonstrate a new AI-Based automated sports production technology. Imagine setting up a single device which records every inch of the playing field and automatically follows the action during any live basketball, football, volleyball, hockey or soccer game. No camera operator or large production staff. Just setup and go straight to YouTube or any other popular CDN.

Now imagine having an automated camera system for sports practice. Capturing the entire practice session, easily zooming in-and-out, allowing the coach to see any player and every play. Did we mention that this entire experience can be sent to an app? Now your coaches, players, and recruiters can login and watch live and pre-recorded games.

You can have the same video coaching tools that are being used by the top professional European clubs in Europe.

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