IBC 2019 was quite the show with truly innovative software, faster and more reliable hardware, and higher resolutions. Here’s a quick recap of what products we found to be most innovative at IBC 2019:


Adobe used the IBC 2019 show in Amsterdam to unveil Auto Reframe, a new Adobe Sensei (AI) feature for its Premiere Pro video editing software. 

Intelligent algorithms generate motion keyframes that follow the action in the video so the most important content is automatically centered and kept in the frame. For more complex sequences containing many clips and edits, Auto Reframe automatically generates a new sequence that applies reframing to all the clips in the timeline.

It was also announced that ProRes RAW will become available in Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Check out more Adobe IBC announcement highlights via the Mesa Alliance blog.


Avid announced that Media Composer® will deliver native support for Apple’s ProRes RAW camera codec and support for ProRes playback and encoding on Windows. In addition, Apple will provide 64-bit decoders for DNxHR and DNxHD codecs within the Pro Video Formats package that is available from Apple as a free download for all users.

Avid will also unveil MediaCentral l Publisher, a new SaaS offering powered by Wildmoka, that allows media producers to create content, add graphics and branding, and publish news and sports videos quickly to multiple social media and digital end points to boost viewership and drive revenue. 

For Pro Tools users, the all-new Avid S4 and Avid S1 audio control surfaces made their European debut. 

Learn more about Avid announcements at IBC 2019.


 AWS is providing a full range of video solutions for ingest, produce, process, deliver, and enrich media content. While AWS did not give any specifics to what is new, they highlighted that the AWS booth will showcase: content-aware encoding to deliver OTT video, end-to-end solutions for over-the-top (OTT) streams, automated transcription/translation for captions in multiple languages, security for live video workflows, studio in the cloud, and video archive cloud migration solutions.

Learn more about AWS announcements at IBC 2019.


Blackmagic had several major announcements including a new Blackmagic video assist 12G, Blackmagic RAW 1.5, Videohub Master Control Pro, and Videohub Smart Control Pro. 

One of the most exciting announcements came from the BRAW plugin for Premiere Pro and Avid. The plugin looks and works just like it does in DaVinci Resolve. The main difference is that within Premiere and Avid the plugin only uses the CPU and doesn’t currently leverage GPU compute power. Blackmagic say they are currently working with Adobe to get the plugin GPU-enabled.

Learn more about the BRAW plugin on Newsshooters.com.


Castus recently announced new Castus Hosting Services (CHS) for live streaming and video on demand. Essentially CHS is an affordable easy-to-use private CDN with both ROKU and Closed Captioning features.

 Learn more at Castus.tv. 


Introducing the core of 12G-SDI solution, the new EQXUHD-10, the first enterprise class 12G-SDI router. The EQXUHD-10 is the latest addition to the EQX family that highlights redundant crosspoints, I/O flexibility for coax fiber, and IP, as well as boasting advanced I/O processing capabilities (including audio embedding, input frame syncing, and clean switch). Also check out SCORPION with now with12G-SDI support mini I/O modules. 

For people wanting to go 12G instead of IP or people wanting a combo of both for future proofing. Their router is the gold standard.

Evertz has many more announcements, so make sure to check out their full IBC 2019 Press Release. 


Grass Valley had several large announcements including major updates to EDIUS and several major updates to control and operate in IP workflow. The biggest announcement came from a surprisingly powerful new entry-level all-in-one production switcher called the Kula AV.

Kula AV packs a punch with a wide range of flexible features, a 40 video and 80 audio inputs, and a large internal ClipStore, supported by a 1TB hard disk, in a 2RU mainframe. In addition to Grass Valley’s FormatFusion3 technology, which auto-senses and seamlessly converts any combination of SD, HD and 1080p to the required output for unrestricted mixing of video signal types across all inputs and output, the system’s integrated audio mixing capabilities include embed/de-embedding, clean and quiet audio switching, and audio-follow-video mode for simplified control 

Check out Grass Valley’s website for additional details and other IBC announcements. 


At IBC, Facilis is debuting it’s latest Facilis HUB. Facilis HUB Shared Storage is an all-new line of products developed in response to customer requests for a more compact server chassis, lower-cost hybrid (SSD and HDD) options, and integrated cloud and LTO archive features. It features new, more powerful hardware with new drive capacity options and a brand-new look to both the system and the software interface. Every Facilis HUB Shared Storage server comes with unlimited seats of the Facilis FastTracker 3.0 Asset Management application, with advanced proxy generation features and a desktop browse application for searching, previewing, and downloading assets.

 A big problem for broadcasters and post facilities is managing multiple interfaces for the various locations of their data. With Facilis Object Cloud, files in multiple locations reside in the same directory structure and are tracked by the Facilis FastTracker asset tracking application in the same database as any active media asset. Object Cloud utilizes Object Storage technology to virtualize a Facilis volume with cloud and LTO locations. This allows access to files that exist either entirely on disk, entirely in the Cloud or on LTO, or even partially on disk and partially in the cloud. Object Cloud Software and Storage package is available for most Facilis servers running version 7.2 or higher.

 You can find all Facilis announcements on the Facilis Technology website. 


IPV recently released IPV Curator 2.2 bringing new possibilities for creators to collaborate in the cloud. Highlights include a whole new Clip Link experience, new ways to monetize your content with Curator Logger and the incredibly simple Curator Connect ingest app. 

Read more about it here. 


LiveU announced its new fully compliant 5G LU600 solution for global newsgathering and live sports coverage. With internal 5G modems, and high efficiency antennas covering all sub 6GHz frequencies for 5G and 4G, integrated with LiveU’s award-winning 4K HEVC technology, the LU600 5G offers customers the most powerful, reliable and future-proof cellular transmission solution.

Read more about LiveU’s IBC announcements here.


Masstech announced the release of Kumulate, its new intelligent storage and asset lifecycle management platform. Kumulate’s unique workflow orchestration enables customers to automate multi-vendor and multi-format file transformations, across unlimited storage tiers in a hybrid cloud environment. It streamlines metadata interchange between third-party systems, and metadata enrichment services to enable users to attain even more value from their assets.

 Read more about Masstech IBC announcements here. 


NewTek introduced a new TriCaster 410 Plus with 8 external inputs, 4 M/Es, 4 mix outputs, along with NDI integration for video, audio and data transmission over IP. The rack mountable system also includes real-time social media publishing, live streaming, multi-channel recording, video playback, integrated multiviewers, graphics, compositing, virtual sets, audio mixing and much more. 

A new Spark Plus model was announced with support of resolutions up to 4K UHD, from HDMI-to-NDI. Spark Plus captures video directly from connected cameras or devices and allows it to be transported over the network as visually lossless, full bandwidth NDI with virtually no latency

The most interesting announcement came with the release of a Premium Access feature first teased at NAB. Leading the pack of new capabilities is Live Story Creator, a groundbreaking approach to program automation using Microsoft Word. As simple as building a script in Microsoft Word with triggers for actions, a show is easily executed once loaded into TriCaster or VMC1. The latest version of Premium Access also includes scalable NDI recording and replay with full synchronization for easy multi-camera production, digital media aspect ratios and frame rates for delivery to digital screens, and much more. 


Panasonic announced a new 4K Live Switcher called the AV-UHS500. This unit provides 4K/3G/HD multiformat support and has the same number of HD inputs and outputs to be maintained even when operating in 4K. Five optional boards have also been created to increase the number of inputs up to 16 SDI or 8 HDMI. Additional features include five keyers, up/down conversion, HDR/SDR conversion and ITU-R BT.2020/BT.709 conversion functions.

That’s not the only announcement coming out of Panasonic. To see the full list of new equipment, check out this TV Technology article. 


ContentAgent v3.8 brings many new and exciting benefits, including a completely overhauled 64-bit architecture providing improved performance and enhanced support for beyond 4K workflows. 

The renowned Platinum Media Engine now offers an integrated Legalizer, saving time and money by not having to go back into an edit suite. In addition, they have extended support for automated QC management by adding Tektronix Aurora to Root6 already impressive list of partners. 

Expanding on our Avid integration, users can now ‘Send to ContentAgent’ workflows directly from within their Mac or PC Media Composer bins, freeing up the NLE for creative tasks. On the ingest side, Avid H.264 proxy creation has been dramatically enhanced, saving significantly on transcoding times.

ContentAgent v3.8 also expands its use of off-the-shelf NVIDIA GPUs for heavy lifting tasks. H.265/HEVC, JPEG2000 encoding/decoding and ARRI RAW debayering are now possible. Deliver programs to Netflix using the new IMF Packaging tool, simplifying the IMF creation process.


Acuity V9.1 – the flagship Acuity production switcher receives a new update that adds: Direct integration with the Ultritouch hardware panel, centralizing router and switcher AUX control into a single 2RU touch screen interface. TSL Bus Messaging, to enable external control systems to identify what sources, keyers and buses are active, allowing for more data analytics. Additional features that improve the Acuity switcher’s compatibility with OverDrive (Ross Video’s production automation system) and add additional Sony and JVC cameras to the list of supported models

 Carbonite Ultra V3.0 – IBC sees the Carbonite Ultra production switcher upgraded to include a new dedicated single-channel clip player for playout of compressed MPEG-4 AVC media directly from a connected USB-media drive. Users can load media clips of any length on to a USB or thumb drive, plug it into Carbonite Ultra and playback these full clips as part of their production – a Ross-exclusive feature, not available on any other production switcher! V3.0 also enables the Carbonite Ultra to support bi-directional conversion between SDR and a variety of HDR formats such as HLG, PQ, and S-LOG3, as well as expanding the list of supported RossTalk commands to provide enhanced control integration with XPression.

Graphite V2.3 – another new software update for the Graphite integrated production system (comprising a real Carbonite switcher, real XPression graphics and the RAVE audio engine) adds additional PC audio channels to the product, enabling customers to use computer generated audio sources like audio from a PowerPoint presentation and/or add a Dante or AES 67 virtual sound card to get Audio-over-IP into the system.

Ultrix V4.0 – A new firmware version of Ultrix, Ross Video’s ground-breaking routing/multiviewing/AV processing platform, is launched at IBC and includes the following: Additional support for IP integration, and Control enhancements to support Ultricore BCS Broadcast Control System, Ultricore IP NMOS discovery, registration and connection management license for Ultricore BCS and Ultritouch 4 (see below) touch screen control panel.

Ultritouch 4 – a brand new, larger 4RU version of the Ultritouch 2RU facility monitoring and control touchscreen panel, that now includes a headphone jack, front-panel USB port for peripherals and optional VESA mount kit.

XPression Virtualization & IP – a must see demonstration for IBC 2019 sees Ross showcase SMPTE ST2110 streaming graphics from a VMware vSphere hosted virtual machine on data center compute hardware featuring Mellanox networking and NVIDIA GRID GPU virtualization.

Gator Toolbox – a new openGear card UHD Up/Down/Cross Converter and Motion Adaptive Standards (frame rate) Converter. It features proc amps, color correction, region of interest, SDR/HDR and more. With up to 10 Gators in a single openGear frame, Gator packs the most density in signal conversion in a fully featured one card solution.


Sony announced a new 6K capable PXW-FX9, several new IP solutions, and live production cameras. For the full list of announcements, click here.

Our favorite announcement from the new PXW-FX9. The PXW-FX9 XDCAM camera featuring a newly developed Exmor R 6K* full-frame sensor and Fast Hybrid Auto Focus system with the dedicated 561-point phase-detection AF sensor. The camera delivers an outstanding image that captures light and shade perfectly, thanks to its 15+ stops of latitude. Building upon the success of the PXW-FS7 and PXW-FS7M2, and inheriting its color science and the Dual Base ISO 800/4000 from the digital motion picture camera VENICE, the new camera offers greater creative freedom to capture stunning images and represents the ultimate tool of choice for documentaries, music videos, drama productions and event shooting. The FX9 is also compatible with the new UWP-D wireless microphone systems launched at NAB via Multi Interface Shoe™ (MI Shoe) with digital audio interface, incorporating the fast and easy channel setting NFC sync function in a compact lightweight design. 


SNS introduced their new ShareBrowser workflow extension for FCPX. This is the first truly seamless shared storage and media management experience for Final Cut Pro X user- specifically designed for shared project workflows.

SNS will also be highlighting recently released EVO DPX, which powers high end compositing, finishing, and color grading workflows by utilizing SSD disks and 25Gb ethernet.

SNS Sharebrowser updates incluecustomizable metadata fields, extended file support for previews, and new integrations for Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and After Effects. 

However, probably one of the most impressive features comes from SNS AI Autotagging, empowering post production teams of all sizes to eliminate hours of metadata logging with an automated tagging feature in ShareBrowser. 

Learn more about SNS IBC announcements here.


StorageDNA Fabric is finally shipping! DNAfabric is an entirely new product providing a host of data management services for all your nearline, archive, cloud, and local storage. Administrators will be given deep analytics and custom reports on storage space availability, utilization, and a host of other features which will empower users to better manage and utilize their entire storage network within a single dashboard. This is going to be a must-see product for small-to-large networked facilities.

You can learn more about StorageDNA announcements on the SDNA website.


Telestream’s biggest announcement came from it’s second OptiQ live service. OptiQ Monitor enables users to integrate a superior level of video monitoring without needing to modify anything in their existing delivery chain. Building on this through OptiQ Channel, Telestream can provide all the necessary packaging, encoding, ingest environments to help customers build high quality live channels quickly and easily.

That’s not the only Telestream announcement, so check out the Telestream website for more information. 


Quantum’s award-winning F-Series makes its European debut, an ultra-fast, highly available NVMe storage array for editing, rendering, and processing video content and other large unstructured datasets. F-Series uses NVMe flash drives for reads and writes up to 5X faster than traditional flash-storage/networking systems, delivering quick real-time editing and rendering of 4K and 8K video. 

Learn more about Quantum IBC announcements here.


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