IPV Curator Makes Remote Editorial Possible For Post Production

In this presentation, Alex Ferris from IPV dives into the features within IPV Curator 2.2, bringing new possibilities for creators to collaborate in the cloud. This video is a segment from the Cloud-Based Post Production event hosted at Key Code Media. 

IPV Curator is an essential new tool for post productions looking to unlock remote editorial capabilities. Today, content creators’ most pressing requirement is the need to connect teams in different locations. Organizations with offices in 30 or more locations along with freelancers working from home. All teams have to be able to work with content, regardless of where it originated.

IPV Curator is designed to improve overall production workflows inside any organization, from traditional broadcasters to sports teams and leagues, as well as creative agencies, educational institutions and houses of worship. With Curator, leverage the cloud for ingesting content with metadata, searching assets, viewing media, logging, capturing, and editing from within your favorite NLE- from virtually any location with an internet connection.


Key Code Media is the preferred U.S. IPV Reseller, with certified technicians and sales staff available to help walk you through a successful IPV Curator facility deployment.