The Future of Esports Production Discussion with NGE and Supersphere

The Future of Esports Production with Andy Wagnitz (NGE) and Lucas Wilson (Supersphere). his video is a segment from the Esports Production in 2019 event hosted at Key Code Media.

Have you ever wondered – What are some examples of the largest esports productions happening in the world? What are they doing to engage audiences in unique ways? What would you say are the core differences when you take on an esports show vs. traditional sports broadcast? What kind of infrastructure supports Esports production? What are the most important trends in esports production to look out for? What tips would you offer colleges that want to launch Esports programs?

Andrew Wagnitz creating unique and unforgettable esports exeriences with NGE. Lucas Wilson is at the bleeding edge, creating VR/360°/180° Live Streaming for Esports Events. In this discussion panel, Lucas and Andrew dive into what esports live broadcast engineers have to think about today- and what are the challenges they’re looking at in the future.

VR/360°/180° Live Streaming for Esports Events

Supersphere is the worldwide leader in immersive esports (VR/AR) live production. Having pioneered those experiences with the Onward tournament at Oculus Connect 5 in 2018, Supersphere now has a busy esports calendar, most recently having delivered a livestream for the ESL ONE CS:GO event at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Join Lucas Wilson from the Supersphere team as he shares his experiences with these events.

Creating Unique and Unforgettable Esports Exeriences with NGE

Andrew Wagnitz is the Director of Broadcast and Technology over at NGE- a full service esports partner dedicated to creating something unique and unforgettable for game, league, an esports event. Join Andrew Wagnitz from the NGE team as he shares his experiences with these events.


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