Key Code Media is an AJA Authorized Reseller

AJA’s engineering has consistently supported advancements in broadcast technologies as well as format standards to provide video professionals with rock-solid live production workflow solutions.  This is the primary reason Key Code Media has relied upon and integrated AJA technologies in live production scenarios:  fly-packs, mobile trucks, master and production control rooms across the country.

Clients have relied upon AJA solutions for their mission-critical live productions, whether it be in a studio, mobile truck or field production with workflows that manage the way video is captured, converted, monitored and distributed. AJA’s reputation for reliability, flexibility, and performance is well-earned.


AJA Solutions at Key Code Media:

  • Signal converters
  • Video routers
  • Digital recording devices
  • Frame synchronizers &  scalers
  • Fibre conversion & distribution

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