Why use Key Code Media for Transcoding & Delivery solutions?

File based outputs were intended to make your deliverables easier to accomplish.  However, more formats equate to more complexity. Transcoding, and thus wrappers, versioning, and hoards of metadata can create an enormous amount of work to accomplish.  This can make a delivery date to all of your outlets tough to hit. Key Code Media has developed automation tools that tie into and orchestrate the transcoding and delivery of your files to your end distribution hub(s) – as efficiently as possible.  Save time and save cost with technnology that can create the appropriate media with less manual user intervention.

Key Code Media has been simplifying file based transcoding from camera originals to editorial and delivery to broadcaster centers, NOCs, and VOD outlets for over 15 years.  Our years of experience in multiple markets – media and entertaiment, advertising, corporate, and house of worship had solidified our technology solution recommendations.  Each facility has it’s own unique challenges, and we accel at identifying these issues and presenting a complete solution for you and your team.

Our deep knowledge of digital formats, delivery specifications, and best practices for transcoding can help you with:

  • Broadcast and Cable outlets (OTA and OTT)
  • Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other VOD platforms
  • Mobile devices (Android and iOS)
  • Social media outlets (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Live streaming and CDN interoperability
  • Frame rate and standards conversion
  • Versioning and regionalization (“bag and tag”)
  • Distributed encoding (on premises or cloud)
  • Metadata transformation
  • Forensic and visible watermarks
  • Onset and assistant editor transcoding for editorial
  • Automated formatting for review and approve

Key Code Media’s Director of Technology, Michael Kammes, discusses transcoding during Post Production.

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