At Key Code Education, we use Canvas as our Learning Management System (LMS) to accommodate most schools and educational institutions. Through an attentive eye towards the needs of students like yours, our turnkey courseware will get you up and running smoothly, designed with the ‘Arts, Media, and Entertainment’ and the ‘International Society for Technology in Education’ standards in mind and listed in each module. Our signature courses help meet Perkins funding requirements by adding an industry certification and partner to your program, focusing on teaching students technical and interpersonal skills for entry-level positions.

If your school is already using Canvas, we can swiftly spin up a blueprint course for easy adaptation. Otherwise, your students and teachers can be effortlessly added to our platform. Your teachers can apply our courseware as an intensive course or an entire semester schedule; either way, our supplemental curriculum is adaptable to your needs.

Are you working on creating articulated pathways that lead to careers or continued education but have some questions? Feel free to reach out to our EDU team consisting of highly skilled professionals and instructional designers that have accomplished over 20 years in public and private education.