Facilis Q2 2019 Trade-In Promotions

Facilis is pleased to enhance our popular Customer Loyalty Trade-in and Competitive Trade-up promotions for a limited time in addition to our TerraBlock Chassis Upgrade Promotion.

Facilis customers receive 20% off when you trade-in Terrablock for HUB, up to $7500!
Version 7 is not compatible with any TerraBlock server sold prior to June, 2011 (serial numbers before 01418). Any TerraBlock model can be traded in for a 20%-off credit (up to $7500.00 for single-server, and up to $12,500 for Hub One Stack) toward the cost of a new Facilis HUB 16 (96TB or greater), HUB 32 or HUB Hybrid system.

Non-Facilis customers receive 15% off when you trade-in competitor storage for HUB, up to $5000!
Competitive Trade-up program – Receive 15% off, up to $5,000.00, on any Facilis HUB 16 (96TB or greater), HUB 32 or HUB Hybrid system when you trade-in an Avid ISIS, XSAN/Quantum StoreNext, SNS EVO, or Editshare system in operation in the last 12 months.