IPV: Curator Authorized Reseller – Key Code Media

Organizations of all kinds have more media content than ever. Whether a creative agency whose entire business is based on media, a consumer goods company with hundreds of marketing videos showing their products in action, or an educational institution with thousands of online tutorials, there’s frequently a need to effectively store, organize and search a huge amount of content. Curator is designed to meet these needs.

What can you do with Curator?

More accurate metadata

Curator allows you to extract key metadata during ingest so that you can find your content easily later.

  • Tag content fast – at rates of up to 500 tags per hour – with Curator Logger.
  • Ensure everyone is using the same terminology through controlled metadata vocabularies.

Intuitive searching

With Curator, it’s easy to find what you need, so you’ll always get maximum value out of your content, even if you have millions of videos.

  • Jump directly to the point where your search term is first tagged, rather than scrolling through the whole video.
  • Hierarchical filters mean a search term is never too vague, and searches are applied across both whole videos and clips without duplicating metadata.

Efficient media storage

Curator creates low-resolution frame-accurate proxies, which require 98% less storage space than the original high-resolution files, so you can use either type of file depending on your task.

  • Work with live material wherever you are, without waiting for files to download.
  • Avoid the need to duplicate files by accessing them remotely, reducing your online storage costs.


Who is Curator for?

If you’re……

an editor frustrated by the wait for new content to be transported from remote locations, Curator will enhance your workflow. Curator proxies can be streamed live from any location, so you won’t have to wait for a high-resolution version to arrive via courier. We’ve seen clients increase productivity by 50%

….an executive trying to save money, Curator will dramatically reduce the amount you need to spend on storage. Because you can access and edit Curator proxies from anywhere, you’ll no longer need to pay to store duplicate high-resolution files, and can move more high-resolution files to archive or offline locations. Storage costs can be reduced by up to 78%

….an archivist struggling to understand when content was created, and where it has been used, Curator will help you to make better asset management choices. Curator’s intuitive searching and logging means that you can find what you need quickly, and see if it’s used in another project, even if that happened in a different office.

….a producer unable to find the right person for the job, Curator will give you access to a broader talent base. The ability to work remotely means that you can instantly give editors anywhere in the world access to your content, making the production process more efficient. One of our clients saved 40% on freelancers by introducing Curator in their organization.

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