LiveU Pay-As-You-Go Program

Remote At-Home Production (REMI) has proven to be a reliable and innovative workflow to adopt for broadcasters and production companies. It’s an easily scalable solution given the amount of content required to produce. If you’re a production company, broadcast service provider or sports organization, finding a cost-effective way to produce and package content is paramount to your business and your end customers.

LiveU is introducing a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) package that enables you to support clients of all sizes and production budgets while paying only for the events you produce. Whether it’s a single or multi-camera production, a fixed per unit cost and standardized workflow for every event (regardless of location) provides you with the flexibility to build a solution for any customer.



  • AT&T Priority SIMs (US only)
  • Service & support
  • One live transmission, per unit, per month (additional transmissions charged on a PAYG basis)*
  • Unlimited start/stop of transmission during the event
  • No requirement to use all units for each event


Take your live productions to the next level by adding any of LiveU’s production-oriented features:

  • Video Return server (can be used with the LU600 bundle only)
  • Tally Light package (includes 4 LiveU Tally Lights)
  • Audio Connect for two-way communication

Save up to 70% off your production costs

  • No SAT truck or SAT uplink/downlink time
  • No onsite production truck or location needed
  • Reduce onsite personnel travel and equipment shipping expenses


Take your production to the next level.

You can immediately upgrade your bundle by adding any of LiveU’s optional production-oriented features.

Video Return

LiveU’s Video Return server enables field crews to see what’s on-air in real-time and receive information through the teleprompter during live transmissions. (Available with LU600 Bundle)

Tally Light

LiveU Tally Light provides a live cue signaling that the camera is ‘live’, ensuring professionally-produced and smoothly-run live broadcasts from anywhere.

Audio Connect

Two-way field-station audio communication – allowing you to keep in contact with your talent or your crew.

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