LucidLink Authorized Reseller – Key Code Media

Key Code Media is a nationwide LucidLink reseller providing product sales, and support. With LucidLink, you can store, share, edit and collaborate on media assets, from anywhere in the world, directly from the cloud.

LucidLink Filespaces cloud-native NAS solution is ideal for organizations that would like to take advantage of cloud storage economics and utilize it for applications, file systems, and high-performance workloads. Built-in software, running on the endpoint, delivered as SaaS, with no middleware and no appliance, virtual or physical. LucidLink leverages cloud-based storage with the functionality you expect from an on-premises hardware NAS – only better.

Filespaces provides video & audio editors the fastest access to media assets stored in the cloud. It is explicitly designed for rapid data access over distance and turns the cloud into an extension of your hard drive, making terabytes of data immediately accessible from any location and any machine. LucidLink eliminates downloading or syncing files and reduces post-production time by 50-80%. Creative teams across the globe easily collaborate simultaneously on projects like working off a local drive.


LucidLink Solutions At Key Code Media:

  • Cloud-Hybrid Post Production Workflows
  • Cloud-Remote Post-Production Workflows
  • Cloud NAS
  • Cloud Filespaces

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