LucidLink | Remote Collaboration For Creative Video Teams

July 30, 2024

Get ready to level up your remote collaboration skills and learn how to build creative video teams that can thrive in the future!

Lucidlink lunch and Learn

LucidLink is the storage collaboration platform that allows creative teams to work together from anywhere. With a single shared file space protected by zero-knowledge encryption, teams can instantly and securely access, edit, and share projects of any size.

Key Code Media is hosting a lunch and learn at 12:00 p.m. in our Portland office, followed by an evening social with LucidLink and Adobe at 5:00 p.m. You will see end-to-end creative workflows and live demos focusing on remote collaboration, fast access to media files, and secure data management while working from anywhere.

We will provide group sessions for you and your team. During these sessions, you will learn about the latest cloud collaboration technology and discuss ideas for your upcoming production.


✔ New end-to-end creative workflows
✔ Live demos focusing on LucidLink’s real-time collaboration features, enabling multiple users to access and edit media files simultaneously from different locations
✔ Advanced security protocols ensuring your media assets are protected in transit and at rest
✔ Seamless usage with popular media production tools and software, enhancing productivity and efficiency
✔ Remote access to media files and editing capabilities allowing you to spin up freelance talent from anywhere
✔ Modern camera-to-cloud workflows that enable quick turnarounds—for example, footage from a live event can appear in an advertisement 15 minutes later

Key Code Media is a reseller of LucidLink, assisting customers with pricing, workflow design, installation, and support.

Date & Location

Portland, OR
Tuesday (7/30)
12:00pm-2:30pm (Lunch & Learn)
5:00pm-7:30pm (Social & Learn)

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