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MRMC is known as the industry leader for extremely accurate, reliable and precision repeatable robotic solutions. All broadcast options are covered, PTZ’s, to simple pan and tilt heads which can be mounted on a pedestal, plinth, tripod or underslung from a truss or lighting grid to more sophisticated bespoke solutions. Adding advanced movement is simple with cost-effective track and rail systems that can be built to fit specific requirements or off the shelf straight and curved solutions to create really dynamic camera movement. If more dynamic camera movement is desired then faster floor and ceiling track can be used with or without a lift column or even a multi-axis robotic arm. These products are ideal for remote production where users are looking to automate studios, events, sports or any live broadcast either to reduce costs or to deal with the challenges of social distancing and resilient and reliable workflows. Advanced control systems include Multi-Head Control software (MHC); Polymotion product range – for full intelligent automation with built-in talent/object tracking or single operators controlling one camera and all other cameras targeting the same object; or traditional broadcast automation integrating with industry-standard studio automation systems such as Vizrt Mosart, Ross Overdrive, Grass Valley Ignite and others.


MRMC Solutions at Key Code Media:

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  • AFC robotic pan tilt head is the ideal choice for a wide range of broadcast applications from studio broadcast camera systems to live events and sports production coverage. The motorised pan/tilt head is the perfect choice for getting smooth, precise shots without compromising picture quality.
  • ARC360 is a rugged, fully remote operated waterproof PTZ designed to work in the most extreme conditions . Housing the award-winning Sony Exmor R™ sensor, the ARC360 PTZ Camera provides the highest quality image within precision-engineered housing.
  • Lift Column is designed to bring a dynamic look to studio broadcasting. The broadcast camera pedestal has a smooth, silent vertical motion, which helps deliver engaging visual content to even the simplest of broadcasts.
  • Multi-Head Controller (MHC) is MRMC’s user interface and can be tailored to the application. Whether you want an interface (skin) for different sporting events such as tennis, darts etc., or for studios, stadiums or other live events, MHC can be tailored to the user’s requirements for complete speed, control and functionality.
  • Pan Bars are designed to allow a remote operator to have the natural feel of controlling a camera in a traditional way. By placing a monitor or viewfinder on top of the pan bars, the extremely low latency control over IP means an operator can be located anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Polymotion Chat is an easily deployable automated camera tracking solution that allows an operator to automate up to six presenter and guest camera positions. Using limb and face detection software Polymotion Chat tracks subject movements and provides stable and natural-looking content.
  • Polymotion Player is an adaptive automated robotic camera solution that is designed for field and arena sports, such as soccer. The system is designed for analysts and broadcasters, ranging from a single operator small scale production, to a fully integrated multi-camera outside broadcast. Polymotion Player physically moves the camera when tracking its subject. This allows an operator to position the cameras anywhere around the field of play.
  • PTA-1 is an autonomous robotic camera solution specifically designed for supporting broadcast cameras and lenses in outdoor applications.
  • Robotic Pod system is a leading, next generation, remote production tool. Designed for the toughest of tasks, in the most remote of locations, this system helps capture new angles with ease.
  • Robotic Pod M2 is a high-accuracy pan/tilt platform incorporated with an environmentally protected high-specification broadcast camera and lens. The system is capable of 4K output at 22 x zoom range.
  • QRS-01 is a cost effective, modular track designed for studio, event and mixed production environments. The QRS-01 is an ideal solution for customers looking for either fixed or portable setups and works equally as well with an MRMC robotic head, or 3rd party PTZ.
  • StudioBot is a robotic solution aimed at studio applications where a high level of automation is required whilst maintaining maximum creative possibilities. The system provides master camera angles and extended motion sequences, that work for every shot time after time. StudioBot comes as both a standard size, and an XL size.
  • TRH-01 is a class-leading track-based robotic head solution that provides extremely quiet and smooth movement. Ideal for broadcast studios but also for live events such as concerts, festivals and houses of worship. Flexible height options and different heads are supported enabling support for teleprompters and over crowd shots.
  • Ulti-Head is the ultimate in heavy-load robotic systems designed for high payload capacity, speed and precision. The Ulti-Head offers the best in class for heavy duty camera support with a maximum payload of up to 45kg