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Pixellot is the global leader in automatic sports production solutions for the semi-professional market. Pixellot’s technology automates the production workflow by deploying a multi-camera system that produces a panoramic view of the entire field, utilizing optical tracking and AI to render continuous coverage of the action out of the panoramic image, thus eliminating the need for operators and technicians. Pixellot empowers sports teams, leagues and educational institutions to broadcast sporting events which would otherwise not receive coverage due the costs associated with professional broadcast equipment and workflow.

With Pixellot’s technology, sports fans can enjoy real-time commentary, scoring data, graphics, and highlights, on their video feed, similar to a professional broadcast. Pixellot also delivers the full panoramic feed that users can engage with in a VR-like experience, creating replays, event tagging, and clipping. To add to the live viewing experience, the AI component automatically captures highlights such as baskets and goals which can be saved for replay purposes.

The company streams over 20,000 live video hours each month to fans, players, and coaches on a variety of platforms. Founded in 2013 by seasoned video and media technology experts, Pixellot has sold over 2,800 systems around the world, deployed with minor leagues, high schools, colleges, sport complexes as well as at youth academies and top league clubs.

An Affordable Solution Designed To Improve The Sports Experience

  • Schools & colleges
  • Professional clubs
  • Sports centers
  • Federations & conferences
  • Sponsors
  • Local media and news agencies

Key Features

  • Fixed Installation: Indoors or outdoors, weatherproof
  • Unmanned capture: Panoramic field capture in 6K resolution
  • Automated production: Auto-tracking algorithms follow the flow of play and produce TV-like footage
  • Distributed to any device: Streamed in 4K quality to mobile devices and web platforms
  • Personalized viewing experience: Zoom into any scene, replay, clip and share.


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