Key Code Media and Final Cut Pro X

In only a few short years, Final Cut Pro X has made a name for itself due to its speed and innovative editing style.  But what does it take to bring your FCPX system to it’s fullest extent?  That’s where Key Code Media has you covered.  We’ve built on over a decade of experience with Final Cut Pro Classic, in addition to developing and supporting the demanding workflows of the media creation industry.  We’ve got the tools for the talent to keep your Final Cut Pro X system performing at peak performance.

With 3rd party video I/O, such as those by Blackmagic Design or AJA, your Final Cut Pro X system becomes a broadcast-ready editing platform.  By adding shared storage, you now can serve media out to your team so they can edit form the same storage pool  – no more shuttling around portable drives.

No matter if you’re a road warrior with a mobile MacBook Pro, or a Mac Pro powerhouse user, Key Code Media has the tools for your talent.


Apple Final Cut Pro X

apple fcpx

Apple Compressor

apple compressor

Apple Motion

apple motion

Have you thought about…?

  • Qualified System Components

    Are your systems fast enough to handle the formats you’re getting?  Are they optimized for best performance?

  • Storage

    Fast, local storage is a basic requirement.  But what about collaboration and simultaneous access?  Can your storage support the amount of video you need retain while at the same time giving your editors the throughput they need with newer codecs and formats?

  • Backup & Archive

    Is your media backed-up? Offsite or in the cloud? Do you have a system to track the data?

  • Video I/O

    How are you capturing and playing back media from your FCP X timeline?

  • Asset Management

    You’re only amassing more media.  How do you locate and then retrieve it?

  • Calibration

    Are your monitors calibrated and balanced to faithfully reproduce your content accurately?

Jeff Sengpiehl

“Pro Tip: Did you know the HDMI port on the cylinder Mac Pro doesn’t handle fractional frame rates? This means 23.98fps becomes 24fps and 29.97fps becomes 30fps!  This is why a 3rd party I/O device is always recommended.”

Jeff SengpiehlSenior Solution Architect, Key Code Media