Consulting and Design

Why choose Consulting and Design from Key Code Media?

Key Code Media’s Consulting and Design team has made deciding on technology upgrades and getting the most out of your existing facility easier than ever with our Key Code 360 consulting packages.

More technology = more decisions. We founded our Consulting and Design team to enable you to make the right decisions on technology upgrades and refreshes, in addition to new workflows at your facility. This can encompass editorial changes, storage and archive upgrades, and incorporating asset management and automation, plus transcoding and delivery solutions. We also assist with the training of your team, plus adding on-site support during your deployment phase.

We also assist with the training of your team, plus adding on-site support during your deployment phase. We keep you ahead of technology.

Development & Proof of Concept

Already have an idea what technology solutions your project needs?  Perhaps you’d like to investigate further to ensure there are no surprises.  Utilizing Key Code Media’s industry leading facilities and expertise, let us built a proof of concept solution unique for your production pipeline. We can then deploy this at your facility, or here at Key Code Media.  We help take the guesswork and surprises out of new technology implementations.

We deliver:

  • Working prototypes of components of your workflow, up to and including the complete pipeline.
  • Full analysis of the workflow and manpower of the technology solutions, including efficiency metrics.
  • Full Bill of Materials and Scope of Work – everything you need to move forward.

Technology Documentation

Your facility is an ever changing, live environment.  New hardware and software solutions are introduced frequently.  This can lead to a mixture of new and old technology.  We can perform a full technology audit and provide documentation of your media and network infrastructure. This includes:

  • Workstations, 3rd party hardware additions (cards, peripherals), and key software versions.
  • Infrastructure technologies including storage, transcoding, asset management (includes software versions, storage usage and 3rd party tools)
  • Live production technologies -acquisition, switching, graphics, and media storage.

We deliver:

  • Technology overview and refresh recommendations (gap analysis).
  • A/V and network topologies, I.P. tables.

Workflow Analysis

Different projects require their own unique workflows.  These workflows can be further augmented over time.  But are they as optimized as they could be?  Is your team utilizing technology in the most efficient way?  We provide a complete analysis of your media departments and their technical interoperability. This includes:

  • Documenting workflows between software applications and operators / departments.
  • Personnel usage and efficiency, analysis of the technical knowledge level of various users.

We deliver:

  • Education recommendations, including training courses.
  • Workflow gap analysis and augmentation.

Go Live

New technology deployments can be tricky, especially in mission critical scenarios.  That’s why our engineers can guide your users during GO LIVE – to ensure your new technology roll-out is as headache free as possible by staffing experts at your facility when you go live.

We deliver:

  • 1 or more trained engineers and/or software trainers to assist your creatives and engineers during the adoption of your new technology.
  • Staffing and/or continuing education recommendations.


New technologies and workflows require training to get your team up to speed on not only the ins and outs of the applications, but also the technical processes behind it.  Our certified trainers can get your team up to speed on the latest tools and feature sets to best utilize their time and technologies.  We also offer custom hybrid classes for your infrastructure solutions so you’re covered from top to bottom.

We offer:

  • Industry standard curricula for creative tools, including: Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools, Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator), Final Cut Pro, Maya, Cinema 4D, Resolve, and many others.
  • Custom classes tailored to the needs of your creative team, including workflow and best practices.
  • Engineering and technical centric training sessions on your new technology implementations.