Key Code Finance

“Key Code Finance was created for our clients to access sophisticated financing solutions without having to make major budget capital requests within their organization.”

 – Mike Cavanagh
   Founder & President

Key Code Finance has contractual broker relationships that allow us to offer bank rate financing through simple, convenient and flexible financial programs to improve our clients’ profitability. Key Code Finance is your one-stop resource for structured brokered financing on all Key Code Media products as well as other capital equipment products.

Rely on Key Code Finance for:

  • Approvals within hours
  • Application only up to $250,000
  • 100% Financing
  • No hidden fees or language
  • Off Balance Sheet Financing
  • Faster processing of your Key Code Media order(s)
  • Continued, excellent service that gives you peace of mind


  • Length of term ranges from 12 to 60 months
  • Level, graduated and skip payment plans available
  • Fixed rates throughout the term
  • Early Pre-Payment Options

Benefits of Leasing

  1. Equipment Leasing is the use of an Asset. No business pays for its employees in advance; they pay people as they contribute. It should be no different with a contributing asset like business equipment. Leasing enables you to pay as you go.
  2. Longer Terms. Many banks only lend money for a short term, usually 12 to 36 months. In lease arrangements, the term can be as long as 60 months, and in some cases, even longer.
  3. Conservation of Capital. Because of the sizable cash outlay involved in purchasing new equipment many businesses lease to conserve capital.
  4. Easier than Bank Loans. Leasing programs and procedures are specifically designed to take the red tape out of financing. A one-page application is often all that is required.
  5. Little or no Down Payment. Special programs reflect the unique financing needs of specific industries. Small up-front costs make leasing very attractive.
  6. Fixed Payment. Monthly payments on a lease are generally fixed for the entire term of the lease. This enables you to budget and manage equipment dollars for the months or years ahead.
  7. 100% Financing. Traditional methods of financing usually do not include “soft costs” such as set-up or installation, service contracts, and delivery fees.
  8. Purchase Options are Available. At the end of the lease you may purchase the equipment at an agreed upon price ($1.00, 10% or FMV) or simply return the equipment.
  9. Special Programs. Marketing and pricing programs can be customized to reflect the different financing needs of various industries.
  10. Master Lease. The master lease agreement provides for a “line of credit” to cover the acquisition of equipment over time from one or various vendors. The pricing is based on the total amount approved, thus giving lower rates to even the smallest part of the lease package.

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