“Our engineers have deep and wide industry experience for innovative integration of your technology.”

All Key Code Media projects, regardless of size, follow a detailed project design, encompassing engineering, integration, testing, and training phases. Each set of project design phase deliverables builds upon the previous one, adding definition and detail. Within each project phase, we follow industry best engineering practices and standards that meet all required International, local, state, and federal codes and laws.  Calif C7 & C10 contractor’s #1010561

Over the past fifteen years of doing Systems Integration, we have clearly determined a proven method to take your project from start to finish, within your budget, and with a fiduciary responsibility. We look after every budget dollar to get you the most purchasing power, on-time and within all design specifications. Our goal is to follow the parameters set out in design and to fulfill your vision.

We specialize in the integration of disparate media creation and enablement tools, including:


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