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What We Offer

  • Live Production


    Unique content online has been shown to drastically improve visitor retention and brand awareness. Economically building a live production model involves technologies across many disciplines - lighting, cameras, sound, vfx, and live streaming. With our turnkey mobile production units and broadcast studio experience we've got not only the complement of industry leading technology, but the ability to incorporate your production and post production process into one seamless workflow.

    Key Solution Partners Include: AJA, Black Magic Design, Sony, Panasonic, NewTek, Ross, Grass Valley, Telestream

  • Collaborative Editorial


    Real time creative collaboration between editors was once a highly specialized feature only available on enterprise based solutions. This ability now extends across multiple NLE systems, as well as multiple storage solutions. Which one is best for your production? We will work with you and your team to choose the right technologies which contain the right features for your production - including local and remote collaborative editing.

    Key Solution Partners Include: Adobe, Apple, Avid, AJA, Autodesk, Black Magic Design, Forbidden

  • Storage / Archive


    Defining and executing a cohesive strategy for retention of all of your assets is of paramount importance. How much storage do I need for my unique production? How fast should it be? How can my creatives use it collaboratively? Where do I put content that is dated, but I may need in the future? These basic questions have multiple solutions. We can help guide you to the most efficient and scalable solution for all of your assets, including high throughput spinning disk, Tier II, and LTO tape libraries and deep archive.

    Key Solution Partners Include: Avid, Facilis, G-Tech, Quantum, SNS, ProMAX, Spectralogic, StorageDNA

  • Automation and Management


    The days of a tape deliverable are slowly coming to an end, with many distribution outlets requesting specialized digital files as their sole asset. Managing and generating these various formats (VOD, IPTV, YouTube, to name a few) can be a daunting task. Key Code Media has been able to develop automated tools to transcode and deliver your files to your end distribution hub - as efficiently as possible.

    Key Solution Partners Include: Axle Video, CatDV, Levels Beyond, Telestream, Content Agent

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