Adobe Cloud Post Production: Camera To Cloud


In this episode of Broadcast2Post, Adobe product specialists from Premiere Pro and join the Key Code Media team and LucidLink to take a deeper look into how Adobe cloud workflows enable seamless collaboration for post production teams.

What Types of Cloud Tools Exist for Adobe Post Production?


  • Virtual Workstations – Virtual Workstations help editors access powerful creative computers hosted in the cloud, using control protocols like PCoIP.
  • Cloud Storage – Cloud Storage provides tiers of fast active or slow archive storage. There are also storage filesystems that can be overlayed that mirror how facility storage works and responds- but in the cloud.
  • Data Transfer– enabled quicker delivery of media in & out of the cloud.
  • File Synchronization – gives users the ability to view and edit all cloud-based media. Download files that you need locally- or just use media on your timeline streaming from the cloud.
  • Cloud Encoders – enabled high-quality video streams from the cloud- for editors at home or ‘over the shoulder’ review & approve.
  • Cloud Transcoding – highly scalable systems that process media at levels that would be cost-prohibitive for on-prem.
  • Cloud Media Management tools – allow your media asset library to be accessed by a team or clients via a web browser, with tag, comment, download, and a host of features for teams.


Adobe Premiere Pro Cloud Solutions


When it comes to Non-Linear-Editing collaboration in the cloud- the approaches vary by software preference. We cover more in our cloudy future for post production blog, but we’ll focus on Adobe Premiere Pro solutions here:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro + Lucidlink + – Adobe recently invested in cloud startup Lucidlink, which provides cloud storage and synchronization functionality- allowing editors to edit multiple streams of video from the cloud- on their home Adobe desktop application. A cloud hybrid workflow. provides asset management, metadata management, and a review & approval process through a secure web app.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Productions – Premiere Pro Productions is a new organization feature in Premiere that introduces “projects” and “project locking” workflows that most collaborative ‘team-based’ workflows have been using for many years. Combined with a Cloud NAS solution, like LucidLink, a team can collaborate remotely on the timeline.
  • Adobe Team Projects – Teams leverages built-in Adobe Creative Cloud to share and collaborate on media, projects, and sequences with other Creative Cloud users. Teams is available for all Adobe Creative Cloud and enterprise customers.

There are a host of third-party solutions that bring NLE experiences and the entire post-production process into the cloud.


Examples of Vendor Services By Cloud Post Production Solutions


  • Virtual Workstations – Bebop Technology and Teradici provide zero clients and thin clients so customers can edit using high-powered virtual workstations with most NLE and imported Plug-ins built right in.
  • Cloud Storage – Amazon AWS- Simple Storage Service or S3 provides just that- simple storage- and is the most commonly used. There are six Amazon AWS cloud storage products available- but it’s worth mentioning Amazon Glacier which is cloud archive storage.
  • Data Transfer Tools – if you’re using a BeBop solution, BeBop Rocket quickly moves media into your cloud storage. Amazon AWS Snowcone is another popular premise-to-cloud data moving tool.
  • File Synchronization – Lucidlink was discussed earlier as an easy ‘dropbox’ like functionality for video. However, when it comes to having many editors using multi-cam or large amounts of media- storageDNA fabric provides an enterprise approach to syncing files at a facility and at multiple at-home editor locations.
  • Cloud Encoders – Depending on the application- BeBop REV allows real-time ‘over the shoulder’ collaboration within their ecosystem. Teradici uses PCoIP to provide secure high-quality control for the remote.
  • Cloud Transcoding – Telestream Vantage Cloud Port can simultaneously process premise and cloud-based content in a single workflow.
  • Cloud Media Management tools – FrameIO and others have review and approval cloud workflows that keep teams in tight communication- even when team members are from outside your organization

Please keep in mind, we’re only giving a few examples here. There are many types of solutions that fit a variety of needs and budgets. Contact Key Code Media to get the conversation started on what is the best cloud post production path for your business.

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