Key Code Media Hires New SoCal Executive Brian Boring

Key Code Media is excited to announce Brian Boring joining our team as the Director of Product Development and Senior Account Manager for South Bay/San Gabriel/San Bernardino territories. Brian is considered to be an expert in the media technology industry with over 20 years of experience including positions at Avid Technology, Forscene, Wexler Video and running his own production company.

Brian states “I’ve known and worked with Mike Cavanagh for close to 20 years. When interviewing with Avid Technology in 1999, they arranged for me to chat with Mike. Mike was the owner of the largest Avid reseller and I would be assigned to work closely with him for my position at Avid. Over the course of our call it was very clear, Mike is a man I would want to work with as he expressed what drives him in the industry; client focus, technology driven, company team oriented, strong work ethic and the importance of family. I took the job with Avid and continued to work with Mike in different capacities over the years to see Key Code Media grow and succeed delivering turnkey media solutions. I am very excited to join the Key Code Media team to be part of Mike’s vision and continued growth.”

Key Code media’s President, Mike Cavanagh said “I’m incredibly excited that Brian Boring has joined our team. Brian brings a passion to the industry that is amazing in his commitment to helping clients make great investments to grow their organizations. He understands production, post production and the nuances of pitfalls for clients to avoid. In addition, I climbed Mt. Whitney with Brian, he’s a winner both personally and professionally and I’m confident our clients will benefit from working with him.”

About Key Code Media

Key Code Media services, consults, and sells digital communication systems focused on providing solutions that are tested and proven to work in an integrated environment. Founded in 2001, the Company has built its reputation as one of the industry’s leaders in providing comprehensive workflow solutions that address the specific needs of live production, editorial, storage and asset management workflows. Our customer service consultants are manufacturer certified professionals with years of hands-on experience, committed to providing the highest quality technical support in the industry. Key Code Media has offices or presence in Burbank, San Francisco, Irvine, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle and New York.