Building A Production Control Room: Video, Audio, Communications (2021)

We ran out of time in our last live stream- Building A Television Studio in 2021 – so we thought we would do a follow-up episode dialing in on just the production control room.
In this episode of Broadcast2Post, Key Code Media discusses video switchers, graphic systems, encoder/decoder, comm systems, replay systems, and furniture that will allow you to build or upgrade a Control Room, and Network in 2021. Our expert panel discusses hot topics like IP vs SDI, SMPTE 2110, future-proof cabling, multi-cam live streaming switcher, graphics systems, augmented reality, and more.
This will be essential learning for any broadcast television, corporate video departments, city governments, houses of worship, or video education facilities.
If you need help building a studio- don’t hesitate to contact us.  

What are the essential components inside a video production control room?

  • Video Switchers – This is one of the first considerations in setting up a control space. This is where the Technical Director sits and runs this console.  Some switchers are narrowly focused, yet extremely reliable- for productions that cannot have any failure (read, Live on Air). Other switchers take an all-in-one approach providing you a full suite of flexible software tools. Some video switcher manufacturers we support include Ross Video, NewTek, Grass Valley, Evertz, and Panasonic.
  • Graphics– From simple lower thirds to modern things like Video Wall displaying a virtual set. The look and feel of your show are determined in your broadcast graphic systems.
  • Audio – without it, you really only have a surveillance system-  What is cutting edge for studio sound mixing-   how do things like surround sound change the choices you may make?
  • Comm Systems – Who in production can hear whom? This is the nerve center of making a production happen in its communications while in production.
  • Replay Systems – For sports that need to play out that last clip maybe even in slow motion, which goes hand in hand with.
  • Ingest & Playout – production often has pre-produced segments, how are those fed into the setup?     For some productions that are not live-   they ingest multiple cameras, as well as a line feed for later post-production prior to delivery-   I’ve worked on Soaps that have used ingest for the post in a production environment.  Edit while capturing, anyone?
  • Encoder / Decoders – Decoders can help receive remote video signals from outside of your tv studio-like satellite trucks, and LiveU cellular flypacks
  • Control Room Video Walls – a variety of reference monitors hung on custom brackets- help your control room team visually manage all the video and audio components in a broadcast.

Why Key Code Media Is Discussing Broadcast Workflows?

  • Key Code Media is simply the best dealer and systems integrator for installing and supporting large-and-small broadcast studios, mobile trucks, and fixed facilities, as well as fly pack and remote production systems.
  • Our success in designing, installing, and supporting broadcast systems and studios comes from our eclectic and experienced team that successfully installs a broad range of audiovisual, post-production and broadcast system solutions. Combined with our 24/7 KTC after-market support plans and certified training, your team has everything it needs to implement your ideal system with ease.
  • Lastly, our Key Code Education school provides industry-recognized certification. And if you work for a qualified ETP media company, your entire staff can get trained for free. We are just about to launch a new ‘engineer track’ certification program- so contact us or subscribe to our newsletter to learn more when that becomes available.

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