Buy New Mac Pro/Z-Workstation and Media Composer 2020, Get Free Staff Training


We get it! Avid Media Composer Professionals want the new Apple Mac Pro, but struggle to upgrade because Media Composer 2019, and earlier, are not supported by the 64-bit Catalina OS. The team could upgrade to Media Composer 2020, but the Media Composer layout has changed, the new title tool looks like an alien control dashboard, and everyone is scared that their team might lose productivity navigating to find the right effect, bin, or menu. While the new Media Composer may have a learning curve, it’s also faster, and an overall better tool for modern video editors.

Key Code Media is now offering a free in-person or virtual training for your creative team if your facility purchases five (or more) Mac Pros with Media Composer 2020 licenses. Our Key Code Education certified ACSR instructors Dan Wagner will provide your team a full day of learning, combined with tips & tricks inside the new Media Composer 2020 layout.

If you’re looking to purchase, HP Workstations + Media Composer 2020, we’ll offer you the same full day of training as well.

This promo expires December 31, 2020! Contact us for details!


Dan Wagner, ACSR

Dan brings 30+ years as an Editor, Media Manager, and Video Production Engineer. Specific to post production, Dan Wagner is an Avid ACSR / ACI certified engineer and is considered one of the most knowledgeable solutions providers in post production system design. Dan also leads all aspects of training for Key Code Media post production clients- providing customers tips & tricks and accelerating staff technology adoption.



Mac Pro Workstations

  • Any Mac Pro Series
  • Any 27-inch iMac Series

HP Workstations

  • HP Z6 G4 – Avid Certified Workstations
  • HP Z8 G4 – Avid Certified Workstations

Avid Technology

  • Media Composer 2020 Full License
  • Media Composer Support Renewal

*Must purchase 5 (or more) qualified computers and 5 (or more) licenses to qualify.

**In-person training with instructors only available in California. The in-person training is contingent on facility compliance to a strict COVID-19 policy. Virtual training is available to all participants in the United States.

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