TV Tacoma Upgrades Audio, Video, and Television Broadcast Systems

The TV Tacoma project included the replacement of all Audio, Video and Television Broadcast Systems equipment with new High Definition (HD 1080P) and Digital Audio Equipment. The project included integration, installation, cabling, fiber, and technical furniture. Plans, designs & commissioning were for 4 areas: Master Control Center, Council Chambers & Chambers Control, Studio & Studio Control, and the TV Remote Production Truck.

The scope of this project included procurement, installation, and integration services to complete the transition of the Standard Definition/Analog to new High Definition.

Equipment Selected:

  • 4 Ross Carbonite Switchers
  • 4 Ross Expression CG
  • 25 Panasonic Cameras
  • Telemetrics Robotics
  • 4 Yamaha Mixers (DANTE)
  • Creston Control
  • Brightline Lighting
  • Multidyne Fiber PTZ
  • BroadStream Air Servers