University of Wyoming HD Production Control Room and Video Board

Key Code Media completed the University of Wyoming’s HD production control room in Laramie, Wyoming. The facility serves as a central command center for scoreboard playback for football and basketball, as well as for live HD streaming for football, basketball, volleyball, and wrestling.

The goal of the project was to upgrade video operations to high definition and to build a central command center from which to run all live video production functions.  Previously, these functions were performed in a mobile production trailer that was moved from point-to-point to cover various sporting events.

With two robotic cameras that can be controlled with a joystick from the Director’s station, a wider option of shots is available, including above the court shots which enhance the fan’s experiences. These shots also allow for replays from different angles and provide better footage for referee review.

Fan’s appreciate the 47-foot wide ANC Video Boards, one on either side of the arena, which improve the overall presentation and provide unobstructed viewing from throughout the arena.