Cloud-Based Video Production


Cloud Editing Is No Longer A Theory- It’s a Reality. Join fellow members of the VFX, Editing and Post Production community for an in-depth look into how Cloud-Based Video Production can improve your production workflow. Edit, Render, Export, Playback faster with higher capacity, and improved video/audio performance. Quickly expand your team for projects- regardless of location- with new remote collaboration tools. And lastly, have the dashboard and analytics to manage the cost associated with your cloud services. All this- and more- will be covered in this evening full of real-world practical cloud applications.

This is a recording of Key Code Media’s Cloud-Based Video Production event hosted in September 2019. Make sure to subscribe to our social media or join the newsletter to learn more about other upcoming Key Code Media events.

Building a Remote Collaborative Studio

Garza Digital, best known for Being Beautiful and In Glo We Trust, is a forward thinking production company owned by Emmy® Award-nominated producer and TV host, Bianca de la Garza. Garza Digital is bringing together top production and post production talent from anywhere in the world with a new remote editorial workflow. With a cloud hosted system, Garza has the flexibility to scale the system up or down with no long-term costs of hosting and managing on-premises systems.

IPV Curator

Curator is designed to improve overall production workflows inside any organization, from traditional broadcasters to sports teams and leagues, as well as creative agencies, educational institutions and houses of worship. With Curator, leverage the cloud for ingesting content with metadata, searching assets, viewing media, logging, capturing, and editing from within your favorite NLE- from virtually any location with an internet connection.

Telestream Vantage Cloud Port

Vantage Cloud Port allows seamless Cloud execution of Vantage processing actions using containerized micro-services with engines identical to on-prem services. These modular, orchestrated building blocks can optimize both brownfield and greenfield deployments. Any existing or new Vantage installation can seamlessly transfer specific processes to/from the cloud provider of choice. Existing Vantage users also gain access to cloud-capable actions even if those actions are unlicensed in their on-premises Vantage system. Most significantly, Vantage logic is configured to decide if processing is to be done on-prem or in the cloud based on media location and/or domain utilization.

StorageDNA | DNAfabric

DNAfabric Disk, WAN, Cloud is a simple to deploy data management services platform that enables you to more effectively manage data across a multitude of storage tiers powered by smart analytics and visualization.