Mastering A.I. For Adobe Creative Professionals

Podcast & Explainer Video

In this blog, we’ll provide a quick explainer on the “Top A.I. Tools” to assist creative professionals in doing amazing work. The second half will be a live podcast interview with the Adobe team on the capabilities, ethics, business decisions, and future implications of A.I. tools for Post Production teams.

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Alright, let’s get to it!

Inputs/Outputs Explainer – Top A.I. Features in Adobe Creative Cloud

Text-Based Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro (New!)
Text-based editing was designed to open up new ways of working with video when creating rough cuts. Text-based editing in Premiere Pro uses the latest AI to automatically transcribe your source media. The whole idea is instead of having to sift through hours of footage just to find the right sound bites, you can instead use Text-Based Editing to skim through transcripts and search for keywords. You can then add them to the Timeline to start your rough cut.

Adobe Firefly (New!)
Adobe Firefly will allow users to edit their graphics and photos like a professional without spending too much time learning the skill of editing. The new AI model will have the ability to ‘change the mood, atmosphere, or even the weather’ in your image by simply typing suggestions in a text-based prompt.

Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop (New!)
Quickly create, add to, remove, or replace images right in Adobe Photoshop with simple text prompts powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI.

Enhanced Speech in Adobe Podcast (New!)
Enhance Speech increases clarity by removing background noise and sharpening your voice’s frequencies. It makes it sound as if everything was recorded in a professional studio.

Color Match in Adobe Premiere Pro
Instantly match the colors in two different video clips in your sequence with Color Match. This helps eliminate discrepancies between the colors in different shots of the same scene. Choose your clip to edit and a reference clip, and then open the Lumetri Color panel. If your clips include people, enable Face Detection so the app knows to pay special attention to skin tones. Finally, tap Apply Match. You can tweak the automatic adjustments if needed.

Morph Cut in Adobe Premiere Pro
An oldie, but a goodie. Interviews and talking head videos often require many jump cuts to clean up awkward pauses in dialogue. These can make the interview look choppy and unnatural. Instead, go to Video Transitions in the Effects panel and select and place the Morph Cut transition over cuts like this to add visual continuity and make the clips flow seamlessly into one another. An advanced combination of face tracking and optical flow interpolation come together for a high-quality video that looks like one smooth take.

Scene Edit Detection in Adobe Premiere Pro
When you need to create a new edit of a longer video, separating it back into the original shorter clips is the first step. Finding the scene transitions and placing these cuts manually can be tedious, but with Scene Edit Detection, Premiere Pro will automatically cut your scenes for you. Right-click a clip on your timeline, select Scene Edit Detection, and choose whether you’d like to add cuts, create a new bin of sub-clips, or place clip markers at each cut point.

Auto Ducking in Adobe Premiere Pro
Automatically and dynamically adjust the volume on music or dialogue when other elements are present.

Auto Reframe in Adobe Premiere Pro
Automatically and dynamically change the aspect ratio of videos while keeping important subjects in frame.

Speech-To-Text in Adobe Premiere Pro
Automatically generate transcripts and add captions to your videos to improve accessibility with Speech to Text in Premiere Pro.

Remix in Adobe Premiere Pro
When you apply Remix, Premiere Pro analyzes by measuring several qualities of each beat in a song, comparing them to every other beat. Remix then finds the path of highest confidence based on those qualities to create a musically coherent and seamless song remix, including cuts and crossfades.

Broadcast2Post Podcast – Mastering A.I. For Creative Professionals

In the latest episode of BROADCAST2POST podcast, we delve into the captivating realm of AI and its ethical adoption in the creative business sphere. Join our hosts as they sit down with Morgan Prygrocki and Karl Soule from Adobe, trailblazers in pioneering AI features within the Adobe Creative Cloud. Together, they explore the manifold benefits of AI technologies for creative teams, from streamlining workflows to enhancing content generation processes with powerful tools like Adobe Firefly. Amidst the excitement, the conversation also delves into the crucial ethical considerations surrounding AI use in the creative industry, and how businesses are crafting policies to govern its implementation. Moreover, we gain insights into the future of human-AI collaboration in post-production and Adobe’s commitment to transparency and explainability in their AI algorithms. Tune in to hear inspiring success stories where AI tools have enabled creative professionals to achieve exceptional results and push the boundaries of creativity. Don’t miss this thought-provoking episode that envisions the harmonious fusion of AI and creativity in the coming years.

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