NAB 2019: Top Products From The Show Floor

NAB Show 2019 was quite the show with truly innovative software, faster and more reliable hardware, and higher resolutions. The Key Code Media team was out in force helping clients- like yourself- get private meetings with manufacturers, and gain a better understanding of how technology on the show floor could improve your production workflow. Here’s a quick recap of what products we found to be most innovative at NAB Show 2019:


Adobe continues to develop Adobe Sensei- artificial-intelligence-powered-post-production editing tools, workflow improvements, text/graphic enhancements and performance buffers. In short, this is the tool behind many Adobe Cloud favorite features- such as enhanced search and the content-aware tool.

Speaking of Content-Aware, Adobe After Effects will receive a powerful new content-aware fill tool for video. This feature is extremely useful for replacing unwanted objects intelligently with nearby background pixels. After Effects is able to track and replace the object in real-time- which is pretty amazing and a huge time saver.

Premiere Pro is getting a new Freeform view, allowing users to better arrange clips, sequences, bins, and other assets in a custom layout. The layout has a much more intuitive look allowing editors to find what they’re looking for faster. Premiere Pro is also adding a better ruler and guide for graphics giving users improved snapping functionality when aligning objects and text. Lastly, Premiere Pro is incorporating Adobe Senser-powered Auto Ducking to detect speech and automatically adjust ambient sound levels during scenes with dialog, music or sound effects. 

Check out Apple Insider article for a more in-depth look at all the Adobe NAB announcements.


Arguably Avid’s biggest announcement is a ground-up redesign of Avid Media Composer. This is not a incremental update, but an entirely new Media Composer UI Engine which gives users faster, customizable experience for editorial, finishing, and deliverables.

With this announcement, Avid also announced Media Composer | Enterprise 2019 which gives role-specific and task-based layouts so different users can focus on what they need to accomplish. A new Media Composer | Distributed Processing will allow users to offload complex processing tasks when working in today’s emerging high resolution and HDR media-rich worlds.

Avid Editorial Management 2019 will bring much-needed updates such as multi-camera group clips, phonetic search, and the ability to create shot lists and make simple edits on the timeline. These updates make this a must-have product for mid-size facilities looking to give assistant editors, producers, and executives access to media for metadata tagging, commenting, and minor editing from an intuitive web browser.

Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces aims to help NEXIS storage customers that frequently run out of space or do not have a proper backup workflow with a simple and secure cloud storage. The Avid Storage plans come in 5TB, 10TB, and 25TB plans and will require a credit card for monthly service charges.

Pro Tools | Ultimate software & HD Native systems will get a 50% voice increase in

2019.4 release- enabling native systems to more fully participate in HDX workflows. Incremental Voice Packs enable native systems to scale to a maximum of 768 voices which allows native systems to achieve parity with HDX systems, enabling greater session portability and flexibility to configure a system as needed. Pro Tools editors will also receive 120fps and 4k video support and better H.254 support in the 2019.6 release. You can now also deliver final mixes for Netflix requirements.

You can find all of Avid NAB announcements in the Avid Press Room.


AWS Elemental MediaLive, MediaConvert and AWS Lambda will be combined to execute serverless channel playout, achieving linear channel distribution that significantly lowers the cost of over-the-top playout at scale.

The new AWS Elemental MediaTailor will create content-aware advertisement insertion with support for VAST, VMAP, and VPAID standards, and a broad range of DASH functionality.

The Secure Packager and Encoder Key Exchange (SPEKE), developed by AWS, is an open standard that simplifies content protection for video. On-premises and cloud solutions from AWS employ SPEKE to enable seamless integration with DRM key servers for robust content protection.

You can find all AWS NAB announcements in the Elemental News Room.


Blackmagic Design is announcing a new URSA Mini Pro G2 Camera and Decklink Quad HDMI Recorder. There are also a few major software upgrades, including Blackmagic RAW to Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, and Long Form recording for the Blackmagic Duplicator 4K.

DaVinci Resolve 16 has yet to be announced by judging by the massive banner plastered outside South Hall we should expect to see demoing on the show floor.

You can find all Blackmagic Design NAB announcements in the Blackmagic Design News Room.


Cinedeck’s latest ZX models that supports multiple streams of 4K XAVC record, RGB10/12 bit ingest and a free, fully customizable RESTful API. The latest cineXtools update lets you instantly update, edit and change the metadata in your files with no rewrapping or re-exporting.

You can find all Cinedeck NAB announcements in the Cinedeck News Room.


Facilis HUB Shared Storage is an all-new line of products developed in response to customer requests for a more compact server chassis, lower-cost hybrid (SSD and HDD) options, and integrated cloud and LTO archive features. It features new, more powerful hardware with new drive capacity options and a brand-new look to both the system and the software interface. Every Facilis HUB Shared Storage server comes with unlimited seats of the Facilis FastTracker 3.0 Asset Management application, with advanced proxy generation features and a desktop browse application for searching, previewing, and downloading assets.

A big problem for broadcasters and post facilities is managing multiple interfaces for the various locations of their data. With Facilis Object Cloud, files in multiple locations reside in the same directory structure and are tracked by the Facilis FastTracker asset tracking application in the same database as any active media asset. Object Cloud utilizes Object Storage technology to virtualize a Facilis volume with cloud and LTO locations. This allows access to files that exist either entirely on disk, entirely in the Cloud or on LTO, or even partially on disk and partially in the cloud. Object Cloud Software and Storage package is available for most Facilis servers running version 7.2 or higher.

You can find all Facilis announcements on the Facilis Technology website.

IPV | SL5027

IPV Curator will be integrating sophisticated AI and cloud technologies to its already powerful media management system. New speech-to-text integration will bring automated captioning and automatically create searchable metadata. This will be super useful for broadcasters looking to automate asset tagging, as well as searching and reusing media.

For Adobe Premiere Pro users, Curator Project Connect will automatically capture metadata and identify unused files. Curator Project connect will also help migrate existing projects to new cloud-based storage, without the need to manually relinks files.

You can find all IPV announcements on the IPV website.

LIVEU | SU4810

LiveU Matrix will take center stage in the booth with demonstrations of the next-generation IP cloud video management platform. Alternative sports productions featuring HEVC and At-Home Production will also be featured.

The super robust, compact LU300 HEVC field unit and the award-winning LU600 4K HEVC solution will also be available for demonstrations.

It’s worth mentioning that LiveU will have a G1 Formula race car fitted with a LiveU unit in their booth. Definitely worth a photo opp!

You can find all LIVEU announcements on the LIVEU website.


Masstech is demonstrating Clover, its new hybrid cloud object storage solution. The system combines media asset management, review/approval, transcode and file delivery within a slick storage agnostic platform.

The systems also support multiple private cloud systems, such as Cloudian or Caringo, and major public clouds (Amazon AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi).

You can more information on the Masstech website.


Arguably one of the largest announcements, NewTek was acquired by broadcast graphic giant Vizrt on April 1st! No, that’s not an April fools joke. Andrew Cross touts that there is significant synergies between the two companies. NewTek strong competencies in all-in-one production switchers and NDI fits well with Vizrt’s strength in graphics software. Vizrt also will gain access to channel partners, like Key Code Media, expanding its ability to sell beyond its traditional direct model.

NewTek will also announce NDI 4.0 which includes 16 bits per pixel support, offering higher color accuracy than traditional SDI.

The TriCaster will also see a major update. TriCaster will now be able to upload and analyze a show script via a word document, then fully execute a show based on the outline. We’re really curious to see this in action!

There will also be a much needed update to video processing within the TriCaster, allowing users to export uncompressed synced multi-camera files making a faster and better way for editorial to cut the completed show.

You can find all NewTek announcements in the NewTek News Room.

ROOT6 | SL5329

ContentAgent v3.8 brings many new and exciting benefits, including a completely overhauled 64-bit architecture providing improved performance and enhanced support for beyond 4K workflows.

The renowned Platinum Media Engine now offers an integrated Legalizer, saving time and money by not having to go back into an edit suite. In addition, they have extended support for automated QC management by adding Tektronix Aurora to Root6 already impressive list of partners.

Expanding on our Avid integration, users can now ‘Send to ContentAgent’ workflows directly from within their Mac or PC Media Composer bins, freeing up the NLE for creative tasks. On the ingest side, Avid H.264 proxy creation has been dramatically enhanced, saving significantly on transcoding times.

ContentAgent v3.8 also expands its use of off-the-shelf NVIDIA GPUs for heavy lifting tasks. H.265/HEVC, JPEG2000 encoding/decoding and ARRI RAW debayering are now possible. Deliver programs to Netflix using the new IMF Packaging tool, simplifying the IMF creation process.


Ross Video announced a lot of new products and updates including Furio SkyDolly, Voyager, Mira+ Replay Server, Tria+ Production Server, Carbonite Ultra 4KUHD, Graphite V2.2, Acuity V9, XPression V9, Ross Virtualization Tech Demo, pro-xi, Ultricore BCS & Ultricore IP, Ultritouch, Ultrix 160x, IP & Ultricool, Newt & Iggy IP Point of Use Modules, Inception News V13, Inception Social V13, Streamline News Video Suite, OverDrive V18, Lightning V6, and PowerPlay. We’re not going to cover all 21 announcements, but if you’d like to see them all check out the Digital Studio Me summary.

Carbonite Ultra 4KUHD – an upgrade to the Carbonite Ultra production switcher adds native 4KUHD support, enhancing it to 2 full MEs plus 2 MiniMEs with 18 inputs and 10 outputs in native 12G 4KUHD.

Graphite V2.2 – an updated version of Ross Video’s all-in-one production switcher, graphics and audio solution that now features enhancements to the Rave audio engine including audio equalization and improved audio input and output configuration.

XPression V9 – the industry’s fastest-growing graphics platform is updated with a host of new features including enhanced support for 4KUHD, HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Wide Color Gamut (WCG); in addition a new font manager, new video frame selector and a host of other features have been added to V9.

You can find all Ross Video announcements in the Ross Video News Room.


Scale Logic will be hosting a ‘Knowledge Zone’ ” for NAB attendees seeking insights about media management and asset protection. During each day of NAB, Scale Logic experts will host a booth discussion and demo tackling a different topic in media management. These sessions will feature specific customer presentations that highlight the common experiences and challenges of working in high-performance environments.

You can find all Scale Logic announcements on the Scale Logic website.


The SNS EVO ecosystem is getting a massive upgrade including new clustering, sync and backup, and ShareBrowser extensions for Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe After Effects. 

EVO Nearline now supports clustering to help organizations with massive storage requirements manage anywhere from 500TB to multiple petabytes in a single, easy to manage storage namespace. If your team is feeling the pressure of continually increasing data requirements, Nearline storage offers a cost-effective way to handle all of that data without eating up valuable space on your high-speed shared storage server.

Slingshot—the automation engine and API for EVO—can now automatically sync, copy, and backup your shares, folders, and files. This opens up a world of possibilities for multi-system syncing, including: EVO to EVO, EVO to EVO Nearline, and EVO to EVO Nearline to Amazon S3. Replication can be run on-demand, or as scheduled incremental sync/copy jobs, with the ability to define a start time and stop time, so that transfers only occur when you want them to.

Sharebrowser can now be accessed through a panel in Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere Pro giving creators the ability to seamlessly bring media with metadata into a project. 

You can learn more about SNS announcements on the SNS website.


StorageDNA will be introducing DNAfabric, DNAevolution V5, and the new Storage Decision Matrix.

DNAfabric is an entirely new product providing a host of data management services for all your nearline, archive, cloud, and local storage. Administrators will be given deep analytics and custom reports on storage space availability, utilization, and a host of other features which will empower users to better manage and utilize their entire storage network within a single dashboard. This is going to be a must-see product for small-to-large networked facilities.

You can learn more about StorageDNA announcements on the SDNA website.


Telestream has been busy in the R&D lab this year- and it shows. Announcing several new products and critical upgrades to legacy products. One of their biggest new solutions is OptiQ, a new and radically different one-click channel creation solution for cloud environments.

New Telestream Vantage advancements include cloud and hybrid workflows, new camera ingest functionality, Traffic Manager options with improved Grass Valley ITX integration, and growing file support for IBM Aspera.

Vantage Cloud Port media processing services have been developed and qualified to run on Microsoft Azure. Vantage Cloud Port allows seamless Cloud execution of Vantage processing actions using containerized micro-services with engines identical to on-prem services. These modular, orchestrated building blocks can optimize both brownfield and greenfield deployments. 

New Wirecast release features a built-in stock media library of over 500,000 unique, high-quality media assets including transitions, motion backgrounds, audio backing tracks and video clips.

You can learn more about Telestream announcements on the Telestream website.


Quantum New F-Series NVMe Storage Platform promises speeds that are 5x faster than traditional flash storage. This new high-end storage offering will relieve bottle necks felt in 4K and 8K editorial/finishing, allowing medium-to-large teams edit in high resolutions without any latency.

You can find all Quantum announcements on the Quantum website.