NewTek Announces IP Series – Join The Revolution

The IP Revolution is here. No longer should your video productions be bound by the traditional limitations of cabling, hardware, talent availability or studio space. NewTek’s new IP Series unlocks the potential of NDI for boundless creativity with software-driven live production.

It’s not just about replacing the cable from camera to switcher, it’s about disrupting the traditional workflows and creating content in ways that have never been possible or cost-effective. Now all of your sources and destinations can be interconnected with the same traditional Ethernet you have been using for years. Your crew and talent don’t even need to be in the same location anymore.

But fear not, this is not a leap into the dark. NDI technology is proven with hundreds of third party vendors adding NDI support and thousands of traditional TriCaster users already deploying network-based workflows. In fact, IP has been an integral part of many NewTek based productions since the dawn of iVGA.

The IP Series of products takes this to a whole new level, but maintains the traditional HD-SDI capabilities so that you can adapt existing productions and equipment over time. The IP Series is also expandable and scalable, up to 44 inputs on a single Video Mix Engine either HD-SDI or NDI, more than five times the number previously possible.

The modular approach to the IP Series unlocks capabilities hitherto impossible or cost-prohibitive. Now you can aggregate your camera sources with the Input Module in a different location to your Video Mix Engine – perfect for stadiums, campuses or multiple-studio environments… Bring in sources from around the world via Skype TX… Send and record outputs anywhere on the network… Have your graphics operator in a different location… Use the same sources to create different content in real-time… We’ve only just scratched the surface as to what is now possible.

Key Code Media is a proud early adopter of NDI workflows and enabling productions to go beyond the traditional paradigms. As NewTek’s #1 North American Elite partner, we will be bringing the IP Series on tour across the US with the first demos of this exciting new technology. Why not join us for a one-on-one demo as the IP Revolution takes over?

To learn more about the new IP Series from our solution experts, please contact us.