NewTek Premium Access In 5 Minutes, Presented By Chris Burgos

Chris Burgos from NewTek breakdown the top features in NewTek Premium Access.

This is part of a larger presentation that can be viewed here: NewTek NDI End-To-End IP Workflow

NewTek Premium Access helps you to optimize the total cost of ownership of your production systems while keeping you up-to-date with the latest features. Premium Access is a subscription-based add-on that gives a host of new features to your TriCaster, including LiveGraphics, LivePanel, Advanced Audio, NDI KVM, Virtual PTZ, and Virtual Set Library.

LiveGraphics: LiveGraphics allows Adobe Creative Cloud projects to be brought into the TriCaster without rendering. This will allow the render to take place in the TriCaster, but it also means you can make last minute adjustments to any of your graphics without having to open Adobe Creative Cloud and wait for Adobe to re-render the clips out.

LivePanel: It allows you to access and control your NewTek TriCaster remotely through a web browser. This means you can take control of your TriCaster via a remote computer, laptop, iPad, or phone.

NDI KVM: This allows you to access any NewTek TC1, VMC1, or NC1 IO module on your network from any laptop or desktop. This allows you to take control of all of your systems from a single device, without the need for KCM hardware.

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