PostNAB 2023: Must-Watch Sessions On-Demand for Media Professionals | Explore the Latest Trends and Insights


1) Building An In-House Studio: Improving Communication For Everyone

In this session, Matt Hilton, along with Jeff Sengpiehl, John Rutherford, and Kelly, shares insights on building the Kentucky Bureau Studio. They explore the business case behind establishing a dedicated studio, their equipment selection process, and their future programming goals. Watch as they discuss improving communication within their in-house studio.  

2) Remote Production: Cloud, A.I. and Your Future In Post

In this live panel session for the POSTNAB tour, Shaheen Nazerali from Vox Media, Shawn McDaniel from Frame.I.O, David Leopold from Lucid Link, and Jeff Sengpiehl discuss the future of post-production in the context of remote production, cloud technology, and artificial intelligence. Gain valuable insights into how these advancements are shaping the industry and what it means for your future in post-production. Watch the session to stay updated on the latest trends and possibilities.

3) The NAB Show Recap: Technology Roundtable

In this session of the POSTNAB tour, Debra Kaufman, Sarah Priestnall, Michael Kammes, and Jeff Sengpiehl come together to recap the NAB Show. They discuss the intriguing ideas presented at the event, exploring the latest technologies and industry trends. Join them as they share their insights and perspectives on the noteworthy discussions and advancements showcased at NAB.  

4) Live Production: IP Video, Hybrid and Cloud

In this live panel session of the POSTNAB tour, Ian Akers, CEO of Big Rock Productions, Lucas Wilson, CEO of ArkRunr, Mark Siegel, and Jeff Sengpiehl from Key Code Media. This is a must-watch for live professionals as it explores the transformative impact of IP video, hybrid solutions, cloud technology, and AI on live production workflows, providing insights and inspiration for industry practitioners.  

5) Unscripted Television | New Trends From Capture To Post

This session on “Unscripted Television | New Trends From Capture To Post” is best suited for professionals in the television and entertainment industry, particularly those involved in reality television editing. If you’re a reality TV editor or working in a related field, this video provides valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements in the capture and post-production stages of unscripted television. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your editing techniques or stay up-to-date with industry developments, this session is highly recommended for you.  

6) Government Video in 2023

This session is particularly beneficial for professionals working in the government video sector. If you are involved in government video production, whether as a content creator, technician, or decision-maker, this video offers valuable insights. The panel discussion covers topics like 4K video, and the latest trends from NAB, providing relevant information and industry perspectives. Stay informed about advancements in government video and gain a better understanding of the evolving landscape of this sector.  

7) Building A Campus-Wide Video Strategy (Higher Education)

This session is best suited for college campus video professionals. If you are involved in educational technology, instructional design, academic administration, or any role related to implementing video strategies in higher education. The panel discussion explores the future of education and how video can be strategically utilized across campuses to enhance learning outcomes. By watching this session, you can gain valuable knowledge and ideas for developing an effective campus-wide video strategy in higher education.

8) Building A Campus-Wide Video Strategy (K-12 Education)

This session is best suited for educators, administrators, and technology specialists working in the K-12 education sector. If you are involved in integrating video technologies into classrooms, designing educational strategies, or managing AV infrastructure in K-12 schools, this video provides valuable insights and ideas for developing an effective campus-wide video strategy.

9) Documentary Filmmaking | Create Award-Winning Stories

This session, “Documentary Filmmaking | Create Award-Winning Stories,” is best suited for aspiring and established documentary filmmakers. Stephen McGee, a renowned documentarian, showcases his creative process and shares insights into crafting compelling documentary narratives. Gain valuable tips and inspiration to enhance your own documentary filmmaking skills in a concise and engaging session.

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