Pro Tip: NAB Show Survival Guide

So it’s that time of year!   Time for the Las Vegas Steps challenge,  otherwise known as the National Association of Broadcasters convention.    The annual pilgrimage to the wilds of Las Vegas to wander the giant halls. Let’s go over some of the basics things you’ll want to know to make sure your NAB is a success. Ok, here we go:

#1 Get Your Exhibit Pass

Click here to get your registration completed.

Go to the link just above,  register then come right back-   the clock is ticking!!!

Excellent-  you should be getting an email with registration confirmation in a moment.  Whew!

So now, with that out of the way-  Lets get into the rest of it.

#2 Use The NAB Show App Map Feature

Map.   It can be a huge shock the first time you wander into the South Hall.   There’s a TON of people.   There’s lights, there are signs,  there are crowds gathered all around some stands-  and there’s that really cool thing at the back of the north hall that might just rock your world!

How to navigate all this?   Well-  there’s a App for that!   Click here to find the links for both the Iphone and Android aps.   This will let you search, and locate where all the folks you want to look at are.   It may (fingers crossed) even navigate you through the floor on GPS to exactly where the booth is.    This has been hit or miss for me in the past,   it’s GPS, and unlike a car,  it’s a bit more detailed-  I hope this year it will just Rock it!

#3 Use The Map To Organize Meetings Efficiently

Meetings.   Use that MAP to figure out your meetings.  I’ve had years where I’ll have an 11:00 meeting  in a South Hall upper meeting room,  then need to get to the back of the Central Hall for a Noon meeting-   having 10 minutes to get that distance traversed?  Forgetaboutit!   Then, back for a 1:30 at the front of South Hall.   It’s very hard on your feet (more about shoes in a bit)

#4 Contact Key Code Media For A Booth Tour or Private Booth Meeting

You want to talk to your Key Code Media account representative today to see what meetings they can get you set up for-     There are 3 and a half  days for NAB, and only so many hours for each day-    meetings slots for certain manufacturers to talk about road map,  integrations and the like fill up quickly.   Have that map available when you talk about schedule.   And here’s a little hint..  let me whisper it to you.   Schedule your actual meeting at 15 minutes past the hour,  and put it in your calendar for ON the hour.   That way when the traffic jam around that booth up front slows you down,  you’re not late.

#5 Party, Party, Party!

Parties.   There are a TON of events in the evenings after the show floor closes. Check out Broadcast Beat’s comprehensive list  Some are free,  others have a 10-15 dollar charge to ensure they get attendees,  and not only peeps who sign up but don’t show.   Book these out now-   Some of the larger shindigs do fill up fast.

#6 Get Comfortable Shoes

How to have your body survive?    You’ll put on some serious miles,  even with a good schedule and plan of attack to see what you want.   The key to making it through is Comfortable shoes with excellent arch support.    While a lot of peeps feel they are what they wear-   angry arches,  or blisters from new shoes that aren’t yet broken in will make you miserable.     Year after year I see suitcoats on attendees.  I don’t get that.   Yes, you get extra pockets-  but nope,  I don’t want to sweat it out.

#7 Hydrate

Carry water with you.   There are drinking fountains around,   but having a bottle in your pocket makes life so much simpler.

#8 Travel Light

There are some essentials you must have.   A charging  battery and cable for your phone.   That water mentioned above.     There are bags available on the show floor,  usually at the doors to let you pick up all sorts of swag and literature.    After NAB 2015, where I came home with 2 or 3 bags of stuff that I found I didn’t touch  for months I came up with a new thing-   I try to take nothing off the show floor.   A memory stick  or two,  a microfiber cloth to clean the glasses,  mints-   but nothing that can’t fit in my pocket.   Pocket full,  nothing else comes along!   With that phone charging help,  if there is anything on paper that I want to look into later,  I take a photo of it.   Photos weigh nothing!    Let them shoot your badge,  and have them email the collateral information to you.   That also, weighs nothing.   Don’t bring a bag, backpack-

Pro Tip – Also there are some folks giving out lip balm.   You definitely want some of that,  and put it on as soon as you get it.   You ARE in the desert.   You ARE in a very air-conditioned environment-  you will get dehydrated,  even with that water.

Click here to talk to your Key Code Rep,  and may your NAB 2019 Rock!