Security For Media Facilities

Security For Media Facilities
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Managing security systems might not have been your area of expertise, but in today’s media landscape, it’s an indispensable aspect of any facility dealing with valuable content. Are you prepared to tackle the challenge of establishing robust content and physical security systems to ensure the protection of your assets?

The world of Media & Entertainment is evolving to establish a unified set of security requirements and best practices for various aspects of content production and distribution. From film and television to animation, post-production, visual effects, and more, the goal is to cultivate a secure environment across the entire supply chain, effectively shielding valuable content from leaks, piracy, and unauthorized access.

The realm of ‘physical security’ has undergone significant advancements, offering tools such as advanced security camera systems and access control mechanisms. These technologies not only simplify the installation and monitoring processes but also align with industry compliance standards like TPN (Trusted Partner Network).

In this episode of Broadcast2Post episode, Vince Fusco at Trusted Partner Network (TPN) will provide a perspective on media and entertainment security standards and best practices, while Danny Shulman at Verkada will cover physical security technology that automates some of these processes.

What’s new in Physical Security System Technology?

This realm of ‘physical security’ has undergone a whole grip of tech advancements, offering tools such as advanced security camera systems and access control mechanisms. This tech not only simplifies the installation and monitoring processes but also aligns with industry compliance standards- like TPN (Trusted Partner Network).

Our partners at Verkada were awesome enough to train our engineer team and allow us to test their latest physical security. If you haven’t heard of Verkada, they’re the real deal, a billion-dollar tech manufacturer that’s on the bleeding edge of what’s possible for business security. We here at Key Code were so impressed, we’re now installing these systems all across the U.S. as a partner of Verkada. Yeah, they’re that good!

Check out this quick explainer video where we break down the common parts within a physical security system and how it relates to media facilities- including video security camera systems, access control, guest/front desk management, and the ability to outsource security jobs as a service.

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