Key Code Total Care For Avid Technology

Service Contracts at Key Code Media

We specialize in dedicated support for production facilities using , ensuring optimal performance of products like Avid Media Composer, Nexis, Fastserve, Media Central, and Pro Tools. Our commitment involves thorough analysis, continuous optimization, and swift issue resolution, guaranteeing the efficiency and reliability of your Avid-centric technology. With our annual support contract, you receive proactive assistance, phone support (located in the U.S.), and seamless integration support with third-party products from leading companies like Telestream, Cinedeck, BorisFX, Arista Network, and over 400+ more partners. Trust us for comprehensive Avid support, maximizing productivity and creativity in your media workflows.

Why Choose Key Code Media For Your Workflow Support?

Key Code Media Total Care (KTC) enables Avid Technology customers to optimize their media infrastructure, effectively allocate resources, while reducing cost of deploying and managing broadcast video technology. The package includes a 12-month engineering service contract ensuring media facilities are protected from catastrophic events while maintaining and scaling their infrastructure.


  • 24-7 Phone / Email / Remote Frontline Support
  • Onsite Technicians
  • Emergency Break/Fix Technicians
  • Consulting
  • Site Evaluation
  • Installation
  • Facility Move
  • Documentation
  • Training Programs
  • Spare Equipment Loaners
  • Software Upgrades
  • Discounted Avid Technology Certified Training
"No other company that provides frontline support for your Avid systems and production and broadcast ecosystem. We guarantee you will instantly see results in your productivity and creative deliverables."
Mike Cavanagh
President, Key Code Media

Meet Our Certified Engineers

Our company has the most certified Avid ACSR Engineers in the U.S.

Key Code Media offers a suite of technology service programs providing a range of professional & technical services, including full system customizations & configuration; delivery & deployment; onsite product training; and expert technical support.

The Key Code Media difference is our ability to combine 360º of resources from initial consultations and system design to installation, onsite support, and faculty training. No other reseller/integrator can offer you all these combined services at a quality level that is beyond manufacturer’s abilities.

Pick a Plan That Suits You

View The KTC Brochure (PDF) For Complete Details


$ 5,000
  • Support (9am-5pm)
  • Onsite Tech (50% Off)
  • Emergency Onsite
  • Evaluation & Documentation (Limited)


$ 10,000
  • Support (9am-5pm)
  • Onsite Tech (40hrs, 50% Off)
  • Emergency Onsite
  • Evaluation & Documentation (Limited)


$ 40,000
  • Support (24/7)
  • Onsite Tech (Part-Time)
  • Emergency Onsite
  • Evaluation & Documentation (Advanced)
  • Equipment Installation
  • Training (20% Off)


$ 90,000
  • Support (24/7)​
  • Onsite Tech (Dedicated)
  • Emergency Onsite
  • Evaluation & Documentation (Advanced)
  • Equipment Installation
  • Training (50% Off)
  • Loaner Equipment, Software Upgrades, Consulting

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