Creative Facility Relocation Services


Make It A Smooth Move

After many years of supporting major studios, ad agencies, audio houses, and creative facilities in moving critical infrastructure due to recent mergers, expansions, and general relocations, the Key Code Media Services team has designed the next generation of media moving service offering backed by our experienced technical team. Our unique approach to mid-to-enterprise equipment refreshes, combined with project management and managed services, led to the development of thorough documentation, schedules, and engineering support, enabling us to expand this service further.

Our facility relocation services encompass creative production, broadcast, and IT infrastructure, including machine rooms and rack spaces, creative editorial bays, office spaces, TV studios, conference room equipment, plus cabling and rewiring.

Meeting Spaces

Breaking Down Media Facility Relocation Services

Expert advice to assess your needs and develop a customized relocation strategy.

Logistical Plan:
Collaborate with clients, vendors, and logistics partners to seamlessly relocate and install new equipment. Prioritize the efficient installation of cutting-edge technology to minimize downtime.

Identify Risks:
Anticipate potential challenges linked to the adoption of new facility. Devise strategies to mitigate risks associated with the deployment of advanced systems.

Contingency Planning:
Formulate contingency plans focused on ensuring the uninterrupted operation of critical technology.

Equipment Breakdown:
Safe and efficient disassembly of your equipment.

Equipment Move:
Secure transportation of your valuable technology assets.

Equipment Refreshes:
Evaluation and upgrade of equipment as needed during the move.

Equipment Installation:
Professional reinstallation and setup at the new location.

Equipment Wiring:
Including wiring and re-wiring new or existing facilities

System Testing:
Conduct rigorous testing of all technology systems, with a focus on ensuring optimal performance and compatibility in new facility.

Go-Live Plan:
Outline a detailed plan for the final transition, ensuring the successful integration. Implement robust monitoring systems for post-deployment operations.

Post-Deployment Support:
Provide dedicated support and troubleshooting for any issues arising from the deployment of new technology.

Post-Implementation Evaluation:
Evaluate the success of the technology deployment, emphasizing any possible advancements made at the new facility. Gather feedback on the performance and user experience of the implemented technology.

Maintain detailed documentation of the setup and configurations of the technology, facilitating future updates and enhancements.

Project Management:
End-to-end oversight to ensure your relocation project is completed on time and within budget.

Private Hosting:
Key Code Media can host your creative infrastructure remotely using through our managed services program.